Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Whale Race Fans, I’m still celebrating the Holidaze somewhat... As the SNOW is finally almost all gone, with a rather bizarre thing happening late Monday night, something that’s never occurred before... As some sorta Snowplow thingy could be heard driving back ‘N forth thru the parking lot with that overly annoying claxon bell back-up beeping noise at 11PM! As there’s now piles ‘O four foot brown & white snow sitting piled on every conceivable space between parking stalls and walkways, awaiting the rain to dissipate it! And it’s even funnier trying to make out the incognito battleship grey snow banks when walking upon the still slick as snot sidewalks on which the snow banks are strategically piled in front of... But I digress...

I’ll be returning to full (scribblin’) broadcasting mode next week... As it’s almost time to feel the heat of another racing season just around the corner; which hopefully we’ll not see too many further demises ‘O Racing Teams, Star Drivers and Motorsports employees.

And thus, its time to ring in another new racing season... So, without any furter vurd botcherin,’ as the chief bottle washer & head scribe of No Fenders... May Y’all have a Happy New Year, as now its time for me to don my party hat, eh?.

Feliz Año Nuevo!
Happy New Years Y’all!