Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doornbos returning?

And amidst all of the doom ‘N gloom engulfing the motorsports arena, there does appear to be some hope of better days to come, as perhaps you’ve heard the rumour that “Bad Bobby D,” a.k.a. Robert Doornbos is returning stateside to participate in the 2009 Indy Car World Series... As reportedly the news was leaked in an email sent to the Indy Star’s Curt Cavin, whom claims to have regular conversations with Eddie Carpentier’s best buddy EJ “What, me worry?” Viso, claiming that Doornbos would be his teammate at HVM for the 2009 season; now let’s see, I got the news correct back in September, just guessed the wrong driver, eh? When we were all speculating upon where’s Vitor going, as us merry butcheror’s ‘O wurds were taking oour best shots on the hapless Miera’s future...

“Yet, I'm still guessing Vitor will wind up at HVM in a second chassis?”

(So I guess we can scratch Doornbos off the Penske drivers shopping list, eh?)