Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Princess makes another Boo-Boo

According to multiple sources all over le internets and the Blogosphere... No Fenders most favourite (NOT!) Indy Car star Princess Danicker has once again been caught speeding upon the public roads in Scottsdale, AZ.

As the Roscoe, IL featherweight who was too knackered to take turns alongside AGR’s “Marky Mark” (Marco Andretti) for Team USA’s A1 GP effort this season, has been popped doing 54 in a 35mph zone on Dec. 9th. And before I pile on too much (never) upon Dan-Dan-Danicker, at least she wasn’t caught pulling a Charles Barkley “I REFUSE to take a Breathalyzer” in her 2007 Gold Mercedes Benz. (Nice colour choice, eh?) As the Round Mound ‘O Rebound was caught rolling thru a stop sign in Old Scottsdale, AZ in the wee morning hours of Dec. 31st. And if you think I’m being tough on Sir Charles, well at least it wasn’t his second DUI like ex-Seattle Seahawks Hall of Fame QB & current Seahawks radio commentator Warren Moon, whom was arrested before the beginning of this year’s NFL season. Hey, wait a second, I’m starting to sense a pattern here; Oh Never Mind!

And even if the IRL’s fan darling has to go to driving school to sort out her over usage of the loud pedal... Don’t forget that F1 triple World Champion Nelson Piquet (Senior) has already been there - done that!

kudos to pressdog for his always entertaining spin and heads-up on this wrongdoing:
Daniker is gets a Speed Racer Ticket

And while reflecting upon her need for speed Danica has claimed the following upon her first run-in with the law at the tender age of Sweet 16:

"I was driving a friend home and the cop nailed me going 65 in a 45 in my Mustang."
"I told the cop that I was just using my new car's potential. He didn't think that was too funny."

Already having attended a Defensive Driving class... NO JOKE! But does anybody see any irony there? In order to get out of being nabbed for doing 57 in a 40mph zone this past year, inquiring minds wanna know:

Does she get points deducted for doing her patented stomp? Or does she have to attend extra classes for pulling off her gloves and looking for her instructors head...

Geez! I could go on all day, eh?

Danica Patric feels the need, the need for speed

Guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t own a Ferrari, although Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B has quipped that Dan-Dan-Danicker was likely going faster in Arizona then on her final lap in Motegi... OUCH!