Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowed-in Seattle


So, I’m guessing that many people are catching up on their sleep today? As its been snowing in Seattle; although many Western “Warshingtonian’s” are still Sleepless...

Otay, so it may not be a big deal to you if you’re from someplace where inclement weather is the norm, but we’ve been having a bit of a COLD spell up here in the Pacific Northwest, which means our city comes to a complete standstill!

The week began with light snowfall and actually breaking the cold temperature mark of 44yrs when it was 20 degrees, as the thermometer sank to 19f at 4AM. Then we’ve been waiting for it and it snowed again beginning Wednesday afternoon and continuing thru Thursday morning, with the most unbelievable Thunder ‘N Lightning storm, which meteorologists are calling “Thunder snow.”

The next two days will be clear but COLD (For Us!) with temperatures in the teen’s, expected to break another cold temp. record before you guessed it! Another round ‘O snow on Sunday... But Hallelujah, I’m NOT in Hopkins, MN where it’s actually gonna be above ZERO for part of the day. And that’s all of the weather report for now...

Seattle gets Snowfall