Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

To all of the faithful readers of No Fenders, I hope Santa has brought Y’all everything desired... As Santa decided to bring us a white Christmas for the first time in several years, before we’ll go back to our traditional and much desired (?) dousing of the wet stuff better known as precipitation, while I’ve enjoyed furiously scribblin’ about the various guises ‘O motorsports this year... But, as the chief bottle washer &head scribe of No Fenders I’ve decided a break is needed and therefore will take the rest of the year off in order to go play in the not-so fast disappearing SNOW!

So once again, Merry Christmas everyone!
PS:Don’t forget to check out the Vodafone Survey, which could possibly net you a cool 200 smackeroos and ends on December 31st.

Vodafone Survey