Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bernie digging for Gold

Perhaps you’ve heard of the INSANE idea promoted by the prima Dona Emperor Bernardo regarding that he wishes to see the current F1 points system abandoned in favour of having the top three finishers racing for and being awarded medals, a la the Olympics instead. As the winner would receive a gold, with the following two piloto’s being awarded silver and bronze, with the Driver’s World Championship being decided upon whomever has the most gold medals, as Bernie claims:
“He has all the teams behind him on this issue, meaning the change could be ratified by the FIA at the next World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) meeting in December.”

Yet, for once, it appears that “EJ” (Eddie Jordan) the ex-owner of Jordan Grand Prix has hit the nail firmly on the top of its head by recently telling the BBC:

Eddie Jordan:
“I believe Ecclestone has lost his focus on the real issues facing Formula 1, such as cost-cutting.
"I think they [Ecclestone's proposals] are a nonsense.”
"I can't possibly believe he's thinking straight, especially on this one.
“His focus must be on cost-cutting and nothing else, the rest is just dressing it up. Jordan added that he did not see anything wrong with the current points-scoring system and doubts that Ecclestone had secured the full support of all the teams – especially those racing at the back that of the field.
"The points are necessary," he said.
"I was one of the team principals who advocated the points should go down to eighth place because one point is as important to those teams as a win is to McLaren and Ferrari."
"He is tinkering with something on which he has lost the understanding.
“He thinks only wins matter.
"When Hamilton lost the race in Spa and it was given to Massa, can you believe the controversy that would have created?
"There has not been enough thought put into this and for him to say that it comes with the full approval of all the teams - I'm sorry, I just don't believe it."

Yet, thankfully, it appears that this ridiculous notion will NOT be implemented in 2009 as Ecclestone has claimed. Now explain to me; why are Emperor bernardo and Sir Maxxum WASTING precious time coming up with such IDIOTIC ideas like this and standardized engines...

After all;

“The current ranking system that offers points from first to eighth place was introduced in 2003 after Michael Schumacher dominated the previous year's championship, taking the crown with six races remaining at the French Grand Prix.”(Source: ITV-F1.com)