Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grand Prix Saboteur’s postscript

I very briefly scribbled some quick thoughts about what appears to be an extremely amazing book just over 1.5yrs ago... And I’ve still not picked up this book, upon noting how my book reading has been long suffering Back-marker-itus due to the konstant over indulging in the Kraft of word butcheredry...

Aye Karumba!

The book in question is; The Grand Prix Saboteurs, by Joe Saward and since my first report in April ’07, (SHEISA!) has now gone into its Second edition. The author is a frequent contributor to and the book took Joe 18 years to complete, as it’s a tale about three Grand Prix drivers whom were also presumably spies during World War II.

Joe Saward has been named as Renault UK Author of the Year by The Guild of Motoring Writers for The Grand Prix Saboteurs

Peter Sharkey, The Birmingham Post;
“Probably the best sports book published so far this year. It is a compelling tale that will appeal not just to racing enthusiasts but to sports fans in general who will appreciate that even after being lauded as sporting megastars, some sportsmen and women remain capable of contributing so much more.”