Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trivia answer

Oh yeah, Y’all are probably still ponderin’ the answer to what’s “The Cat in the Hat’s” relation to Unlimited Hydro’s? As Marc threw this question out in my Seafair Sunday post awhile ago... Whale, Y’all just have to read ‘O Salt (Seaman 1st Class) Marc’s story to find out!

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  1. What you're starved for content and had to dredge up one of my old posts?


    Come-on the return of Mr. Ashley Judd has gotta be worth a post or three. (with pictures!)

  2. Geez! Its HARD keepin' up with the Joneses...
    Otay... Due to popular demand, I'll try to whip up some cheeky story 'bout Mrs Ashley and her T-Shirt biz...