Tuesday, September 30, 2008

F1: Bloody Silverstone - 2008 edition

Otay, so it was awhile ago... And having just returned from a most bemusing time in BLOODY Heathrow, I apparently wasn’t in the mood to take notes on the Jolly ‘Ol Silverstone event, where the young “Louise Jaguar” Hamilton put on the ultimate driving clinique! Enamoring himself and McLaren to the reputed sell-out... I’m guessing that many of the fans and several of the drivers would have preferred the dry confines of the BMW Sauber Pit lane Park exhibit on display in Manchester, eh?

Race Report
Qualifying Results
Pole: H. Kovalainen (1st F1 Career Pole)
2. M. Webber; 3. K. Raikkonen; 4. L. Hamilton; 5. N. Heidfeld;
6. F. Alonso; 7. N. Piquet Jr; 8. S. Vettel; 9. F. Massa; 10. R. Kubica

Race ResultsWinner: L. Hamilton; 2. N. Heidfeld; 3. R. Barrichello;
4. K. Raikkonen; 5. H. Kovalainen; 6. F. Alonso; 7. J. Trulli;
8. K. Nakajima

2008 F1 Point Standings(Round 9 of 18)

Driver’sL. Hamilton 48
F. Massa 48
K. Raikkonen 48
R. Kubica 46
N. Heidfeld 36

Ferrari 96
BMW Sauber 82
McLaren 72
Toyota 25
Red Bull 24