Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Being a road course devotee, I’d have to say that the 2008 IRL season finale at Chicagoland was a pretty DAMN fine race...

Albeit the typical internets snafu’s I seem to have to endure when tryin’ to listen to the IMS Radio Network “live” broadcasts, having missed the first four qualifier’s during Saturday’s coverage, while trying to get the freakin’ Microsoft win-DOUGH’s media player to respond, but I digress...

Well perhaps not, since reports claim that the chaos over the finishing order of the race between Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves was caused by Dixon’s TCGR chassis having a faulty transponder.

Faulty Transponder blamed for race confusion
Yet, what was that about Ryan “Burnin’ Inferno” Briscoe getting a smooch on the cheek from his girlfriend Nicole Manske upon capturing his third career pole and first oval pole position... As in the former IMS Radio Network “Cub” reporter and Speed Report co-host, who washed SPEED right out of her hair... In favour of getting paid big bucks to host ESPN’s RASSCAR NOW TV Show...

For a full, blow-by-blow very entertaining recap of the breathtaking race, see My name is IRL’s guest columnist; mmack's nnotes: Chicagoland 2008

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