Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Otay, did Y’all have a fabulous Labour Day weekend?

Taking a much needed break away from le confuzer... I decided to brave the roccus crowds at our annual Labour Day celebration... Affectionately known as Bumbershoot in deference to the weather,) I believe) as most Holiday weekend’s in the Northwest usually involve a smattering of the wet stuff!

But it was nice going to see two, diverse performances, listening to a very interesting group; Darondo & Nino Moschella, while hanging out Saturday, prior to catching the “Satiristas,” who were performing three nights and featured the multi-talented Janeane Garofalo, along with Marc Maron and Rep. Richard (Dick) Martin, with all three comedians making great fun of today’s political scene...

Monday evening, while awaiting the moment to go get in line, we were forced to endure the down trodden hip-hop lyrics ‘O Del, the Funky Homeosapian... Who opened his performance with a long winded rant about “Too much cheese and NOT enough Butter!” (Go figure?) But he tried to jump the gun beginning his performance 10mins early and they suddenly cut the power to his microphone...

Having endured about ALL we could tolerate of Funk master Del, we went to go get into the line for our intended performer, as the motivating factor for these weekend outings into the over packed Seattle Center was to catch the Red Hot local band Death Cab for Cutie, who ROCKED the Memorial Stadium Monday night! And unlike Super Chunk, who was performing before them, Death Cab was simply AWESOME! Even more impressive was the fact that they only had their amps turned to nine instead of eleven and you could actually understand all of the lyrics! As they played five cuts off of their latest album Narrow Stairs, with a sixth song during the impromptu encore before they had to leave as Death Cab closed out the three day marathon of performances...

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