Monday, September 15, 2008

Move over Fernando - Vettel's Playing thru!


As it was truly a star crossed weekend for Italy, as history was made for the blood thirsty cadre’s of Tiafosi, with NOT one, but TWO Historic first’s occurring on both sides of the Atlantic...

As you may know, on Saturday, rising German Hot-schue Sebastian Vettel became Formula One’s youngest ever driver to win a pole position, as Vettel, at 21yrs and 73 days young, snatched the honours from previous record holder Fernando Alonso...

As it was Sebastian’s and the little Faenza based ex-Minardi F1 team’s maiden pole position, of which hopefully Giancarlo Minardi was on hand to witness?

Then I found myself shouting louder ‘N louder at the Telescreen; C’mon Sebastian! As in appalling weather conditions, the young German whippersnapper looked set to make more Grand Prix history by leading the Italian GP virtually flag to flag and take the historic race win ahead of both McLaren and Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro... SHEISA!!!

And “Isn’t it Ironic?” That the victory comes on the 20th Anniversary of that unbelievable lone Ferrari 1-2 victory during what almost was McLaren’s Perfet Season. (1988) You know when Ayrton Senna tripped over Williams replacement back marker Jean Louis Schlesser, giving the Tiafosi a most celebratory victory just one month after the passing of “Il Commendatore," a.k.a. Enzo Ferrari, when Gerhard Berger led teammate Michele Alboreto past the chequered flag at Monza!

Thus, Vettel also became the sport’s youngest ever race winner and it seemed almost surreal to have a young German on the top step of the podium while the German and Italian National Anthems were being played... As this brought back strong memories of somebody named Michael Schumacher, as I kept telling Sebastian to be a good boy up there... DON’T you dare waive your imaginary baton... As Herr Schumacher was ridiculed for doing so several years ago, while another amazing aspect of the victory rostrum, was the fact that all three podium steps were taken by first time Grand Prix winners this season and also made up the youngest podium ever...

Bravo Sebastian!