Friday, September 5, 2008

Wheldon gets the boot

And I’d say that even bigger news then all of the hullabaloo over whether or not Helio blocked Justin Wilson, is the news that Danny Boy “SPIKE” Wheldon is leaving TCGR and returning to Panther Racing for the 2009 Indy Car season...

As it was funny that I first became aware of this development when Mr. Donald Kay announced it during the opening monologue of his ‘lil Autosport Radio show Tuesday night, even though it was only afternoon here on the Left Coast, eh?

And I find it even stranger yet that Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti will be Wheldon’s replacement at Ganassi, since I thought he’d given up on Open Wheel Racing in order to focus upon his Stock Car career? Does this mean that Mrs. Balderdash will once again be subjugated to Ashley Judd doin’ her singin’ in the rain wet T-Shirt dances?

And Y’all have undoubtedly heard the news that Vitor Meira has been given his walking papers... Although a second drive at Panther is a possibility, the team seems more intent upon luring the services of either “ANT,” a.k.a. Anthony Davidson, the ex-Super Best Friends (Super Aguri) F1 piloto or Mike Conway, whose tested with the team and currently competes in GP2...

Hmm? What was that about HVM definitely having a two car team next season?