Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Roush trivia

So did anyone besides Marc figure out Jack Roush’s connection to Unlimited Hydroplanes?

And doesn’t March seem like a long time ago?: As somehow I stumbled into another riveting hour ‘O “Barute-Jacksoon HYPER-Auction...” Better known as the 409 hours of Barrett-Jackson Auction coverage Live on SPEED, whom must be getting a sizeable retainer to host the show, eh?

And thus, with somewhat peak-ed (NO Danicker jokes here...) curiosity, I had to watch the frenzied(?) action of a specialty prepared “Feurd” product, as it was a Ford Mustang on the block. But this weren’t NO plain Jane garden variety ‘Stang, NO! It was a limited edition Jack Roush P-51A Mustang...

Here’s my notes from the frenzied bidding’ way back when...

Barrett-Jackson; Palm Beach, Florida
March 29, 2008
2008 Roush P-51A Mustang: No. 151 of 151

I hadn’t even heard of these limited edition Mustang’s, of which Ford and Jack Roush teamed up to produce a very limited production of 151 copies. And I don’t know what the bidding started at, but the bidding Stalled at $110,000...

And then for good humour, the price vaulted to $111k,, to which chief Barrett-Jackson Auctioneer “Spanky” said; “CHEAPSKATE!” To the current high bidder, yet the bidding wasn’t quite over, as the Ford Motor Company and Jack Roush were teaming up to auction the very special Mustang for charity and bidding was enticed with the following caveat. We’re gonna throw in the opportunity to be the Grand Marshal and wave the Green Flag at this year’s Nationwide Cup race at Homestead this November, announced Ford VP Mark Field. To which a bid of $120,000 was quickly made and Spanky retorted: Now that’s NO Cheapskate!

Yet, the bidding continued upwards, as Spanky decreed; ““For 135 (large) I’ll call you whatever you like!” Grand Marshall, etc, while trying to entice a new high bidder, while in a final last minute effort, a la past Carroll Shelby shenanigan’s, Jack Roush throws in the hat off his head, trying to entice bidding to rise to $140,000 from $135k.

Of which Jack Roush had also thrown in a very special ride aboard his personal two seater P-51D vintage WWII Mustang war bird...

Also noted; “The Cat in the Hat” currently has P-51A chassis number 51 in his possession...

Yet, the bidding finally flamed out as Spanky dropped the hammer at a final auction price of $136,000, NOT including the 10% bidders fee, of which I believe went to mega-millionaire house builder Ron Pratte of Arizona, which was mere pocket change for him!

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