Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FIA Ruling

So, as we all wait with baited breath over the outcome of “Spa-gate,” it seems worth noting that the Court of Appeals is notorious for NOT overturning decisions...

Just think about Eddie “IRV THE SWERVE” Irvine receiving a three race ban after the Jordan Grand Prix team appealed the one race ban for the wicked looking crash involving the acrobatic rookie F1 debutant Jos “THE BOSS” Verstappen at Brazil in 1994. Or how about Michael Schumacher loosing the ’94 Belgian Grand Prix in regards to his underbody plank being worn too thin... And that’s before we even get to the now long forgotten Ferrari barge board controversy... Or last year’s “Stepney-Gate,” the Renault NO call decision and the tawdry late night Der Fraulein episodes of Sir Maxxum... And who knows what else in-between, eh? So, DON’T be overly surprised if the decision to appeal Lewis Hamilton’s 25 second time penalty is upheld...

The WMSC has just ruled upon the recent “Spa-gate” incident at this year’s Belgian GP.

No big surprises in Paris
The FIA Court of Appeal has rejected the McLaren appeal from the Grand Prix of Belgium on the grounds that Article 152 of the International Sporting Code states that drive-through penalties are "not susceptible to appeal". The decision was made by Philippe Narmino (Monaco), Xavier Conesa (Spain), Harry Duijm (Netherlands), Thierry Juillard (Switzerland) and Erich Sedelmeyer (Austria).
"We are naturally disappointed with today's verdict, and to have received no ruling on the substance of our appeal," said Martin Whitmarsh. "No-one wants to win Grands Prix in court; but we felt that Lewis had won the Belgian Grand Prix, on track, in an exciting and impressive manner. Our legal team and witnesses calmly explained this, as well as our belief that the appeal should be admissible, to the FIA International Court of Appeal. It nonetheless decided that our appeal was inadmissible. We will now concentrate on the remaining four races of the 2008 Formula 1 season."

(Source: Grandprix.com)