Thursday, June 10, 2021

Pixie the Wonderdog Wuf-Wuf’s Engine goes Silent

As Rush’s Geddy Lee once famously Crooned: “We Are Only Immortal for a limited time…”


If you’re lookin’ for some Hard Hittin’ Motor Racing story today, then You’ll want to come back to No Fenders later next week, as this tome is about Animals instead…


Naturally, it took me several days before I began feeling like writing this story, since I didn’t even really know how I wanted to “Pen” it? Not to mention the many tears rolling down my face some Gory eight days later when I tried typing some more words…


But the strangest thing occurred when I finally began trying to “Crystalize” my thoughts. A really long ago song that I haven’t heard in decades came Screaming thru my mental Jupe Box, as Hall and Oates She’s gone started playing over my internal loudspeakers!


As what’s so crazy about this, is when I looked it up, I was Shocked to learn that the Rock ‘N roll Hall of Fame Duo, with 29 of their 33 Singles reaching the Top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100, including six No. 1 Hit Songs had originally written it in 1973! Before it was re-released in 1976 to greater acclaim, Peaking, Uhm No Danica Jokes here; at No. 7 on the U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.


“She’s gone, She’s gone, Oh Why, Oh Why, I Guess I’d better learn how to Face It

She’s gone, She’s Gone, Oh Why, Oh Why, I’d Pay the Devil to Replace Her”


On Sunday, May 23rd, as I awaited the day’s Fast 9 and Last Row Shootout’s at Mother Speedway, the phone rang at 7:41AM with Florentine’ F1 Spotter Jeannie telling me that Pixie had just Died that morning Unexpectedly! As Pixie was a precocious 13yr old Chihuahua, that you couldn’t help but Love!


As I had the privledge of knowing her for over a decade, as longtime No Fenders readers will know of my many several Camping Adventures with Mad Molly and thou Pixolator’ with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen. As ironically many of these included romps down to Florence, Oregon’s acclaimed Sand Dunes at Honeyman’s State Park.


As Molly and Pixie who I affectionately nicknamed GB1 and GB2, (Goof Ball) with Mad Molly GB1 and Pixie GB2 due solely to how I was introduced to them, both Stole my Heart over a decade ago!


Yet I changed Pixie’s “Handle” after I long tired of Spell Checker, before now using this Uber Annoying Autocorrect version on winDOUGHS 10! Away from Thy Pixolator since it always asked me if I meant Purolator? Which I suppose is where the nickname congealed from, since after all I am a longtime devoted Gear Head, or as they say Down Under RevHead, but I digress…


If you’re either an Animal lover or Owner, then you already know all about how much Joy a pet can bring into your life. As Animal’s love is always unconditional!


Thus, thanks to Mary ellen, I’ve been amazingly touched by many of the wonderful Canines she’s “Collected” over the years. For which I’d have to say that Molly & Pixie, a true Flotsm ‘N Jetsm collabouration, or was that Laurel and Hardy affair? As they were definetly Hilarious, Hya! Were arguably my favourites! And that was before I ever thought I would adore Small dogs…


As I’ve written here on No Fenders before, Molly left us nearly five years ago, whom I recall meeting for the first time in earnest Wayback in 2008, ironically the very same year Pixie “rolled Out.” As Molly was Pixie’s Aunt, which perhaps is part of why they fought so much? As they didn’t become a “Package Deal” until some two years later, since ‘lil “Miss Innocent,” Pixie the runt of her litter was reportedly causing too much trouble with her original family…


As gory Hell! It’s amazing how fast a decade goes by, or just the past five years since Pixie lost her best companion, having never been alone before Molly’s death, which was obviously a big readjustment period for her. Thus I won’t even attempt chronicling that time period, especially since I Don’t Bloody remember All of it!


Fast forwarding to October, 2019, Pixie came to Florence to live with Jeannie & Jonathan, and I was not only fortunate enough to get to “See” Pixie weekly. But also was granted “Visiting rights” as one of her many “Surrogate” parents! And I quickly adopted a ritual of saying Hello to her and Goodbye to her everytime I got into their vehicle, which I’ve nicknamed the Scooby Doo’ Van.


But unfortunately Pixie I suppose began showing her age in Dog Years, as Mary Ellen was the first to notice her Cataracts a year ago, and I think Jeannie took to calling her Boom-Boom? But this was just solely in recognizing her vision loss, which I naturally understand myself, since Y’all know I’m Freakin’ blind, righto?


As Pixie, who truly was a Wonderdog, Wuf Wuf! Gave us quite the scare this February, albeit she’d taken to not eating previously, most notably after Molly’s death.


But Pixie went four days without wanting to eat anything, no matter what Jeannie tried to feed her, so we whisked her off to the Veterinarian in “Nearby” Venita, which I scribbled about here on No Fenders in the following tome.


Although I’m somewhat leary to cut ‘N paste it into this riveting story, since when I did so for the Mad Molly tribute link above, my Freakin’ Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader software decided to turn Off the Keyboard Echo without my “Asking” It to do so, But I Digress, so here goes!


And now I cannot somehow but think about Romain Grosjean and his Outlook upon life after his Horrific, Fiery Shunt in Bahrain, which Y’all know about. And how the likeable Frenchman said something about how He’s just living everyday like it’s a gift after that Horrific experience!


Which I know it doesn’t compare at All, but it’s Funny Ha Ha?


Since Pixie seemed to have made a total 100% recovery after going to the Vet and seemed Happy and fairly Healthy, other than she had been having these Ginormous Sneezing Attacks ever since moving to Oregon, which I’m told is the Allergy Capital of the Nation, Yikes!


And when she sneezed, her whole head shook and then you’d ear her face repeatedly hitting the carpet since she was so low to the ground, Aye Karumba!


As I always enjoyed joking about Pixie needing to have some Rain tyres installed in order to lift her up another inch Off the Ground, since she was such a “Low Rider,” Hya!


And we’ll never know what truly happened, although apparently she had some sort of seizure?


Salute Pixie the Wonderdog, Wuf Wuf! As obviously “We’ll” Miss you…