Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Will the Craziness Cease in 2021?

Polar Vortex’s, COVID 19, “The Beat Goes On…”


So as Geo. Phillips of Oilpressure.com Fame would say, if you’re looking for some motor racing Talk today, then come back tomorrow, or may be Thursday? To “See” if I can manage to Gory load another riveting Post upon No Fenders, Urgh! Or should that be Ruf, Ruf? Bark-Bark?


Since this one’s gonna be devoted to a very precious Animal I’ve indelibly nicknamed Pixie the Wonderdog, WUF-WUF! Although I did manage to include some racing nostalgia at the end of the story.


If you’re an Animal lover then you know the importance of having a pet in your life, for which I like to believe I have the Best of both Worlds, since I’ve been given the honorary title of Surrogate parent of Pixie’s, meaning I have “Visiting Rights” to this precocious, Smallish Chihuahua Terrier mix “Puppy-dog” who was the runt of the litter. Even if she’ll be celebrating her 13th birthday in just a Fortnight approximately, Uhm right after IndyCar was supposed to be kicking off it’s season on March 7th.


As I got the call Sunday afternoon after I’d finished watching, Err listening to a fairly entertainable RASSCAR’ Cup race upon Daytona’s road course, equipped with new Rumble Strips to try keep Dem’ Good ‘Ol Boyz’ outta short-cutting the Bus Stop chicane.


As F1 Spotter, Florencian’ Jeannie called to tell me that Pixie hadn’t been eating since Friday and she thought we should take her to the Veterinarian on Monday, which naturally made me concerned, and put a Damper on my mood the rest of the evening. Albeit I did decide to Tune-in to Speed freaks for some motor racing related levity…


So our local Vet in Florence wasn’t accepting any new Pets right now, which makes me kinda Pissed Off at them, so we ended up driving a hour’s east of us to Venita, where a very popular Veterinarian’s office said they could “Squeeze Us in” for an Emergency Check-up at 3:45PM after Jeannie began calling around at 8:15AM Monday morning.


And this place is super popular with ten Veterinarian’s on hand, not to mention the roughly 15 separate Vet Assistant “Technicians” and was nonstop traffic of people bringing their Dogs and Cats in and out en masse as we arrived early and waited for our turn.


Since we were  an Emergency visit, without a scheduled appointment, we had to wait an hour before they had a free room to examine Pixie and needed to run various tests, as Jeannie and Pixie were in there for nearly three hours while John and I sat outside in the van. As last time I checked my talking keychain clock, it said 7:20PM and Jeannie was still waiting to get the Bill!


All of which was very impressive to mwah, since they close at 6PM, but the Veterinarian wanted to run the minimum, but recommended panel of Blood tests and said it had simply been crazy today, since it’s the first day after a weekend and nobody wants to take their pet to an emergency clinic on Sunday…


As I learned vicariously how a Dog get’s its temperature taken, to which Cladio’ enjoys calling the Rectal Drone, Youch! As Pixie was given various Antibiotics for her various ailments for the next two weeks, and most importantly has been drinking small amounts of water the whole time. So hopefully the medicines will cure her nausea, Jaundis and other ailments and she’ll return to a normal, healthy, happy Puppy-dog shortly.


As it was pretty Funny to Mwah how I was informed that Pixie doesn’t like Jeannie running over the “Turtles,” bumps on the edge of the road and about halfway home on our return, climbed down her stairs, silently glided past me underneath the bench seat and settled down on one of her numerous blankets at the rear of the van to sleep the entire way home. As presumably she was somewhat traumatized from her Doctor’s visit as we ended up being gone for nearly eight hours, Aye Karumba!


Meanwhile, and totally by CoInky-dense, I’d searched for the ending of the 1990 Daytona 500 on Youtube Sunday morning, since I’m still positive that ‘Ol Ironhead’, aka Dale Earnhardt errantly Hit a Seagull on that final lap, even though some Internets reports claim he cut a tyre on some debris.


As Ned Jarrett originally proclaimed that Earnhardt must have cut a tyre down. But subsequently muses that that’s not the case, and Dale simply had a sudden loss of power instead…


So it was like Déjà Vudu as ‘Ol Yogi Berra would say hearing Ken Squire as the lead Announcer, with Chris Economaki and Ned Jerrett in the Booth. With Ye ‘Ol Windbag, nee Dave Despain and Mike Joy as  Pit Reporters.


As Economaki waxed on how Purolator, the main sponsor of Derrike Cope’s Wickham Racing’s #10 Chevrolet Lumina was being Sold . Getting out of the business of sponsoring racecars in NASCAR, since it didn’t match their priorities anymore, since apparently it was Sold to Oh Kanaduhs’ Canadian Post, Eh? Whilst Cope was on the brink of possibly winning the Sport’s biggest race, running second behind Earnhardt.


As Spanaway, Washington’s Cope had never finished better than sixth to that point in his career, and was running on Used tyres after they’d elected to Stay Out during a previous caution to give him the lead briefly.


While Earnhardt had taken a set of fresh Goodyear rubber for the end of the race, but Cope was able to draft right on up to Thee Intimidator’s rear bumper and race with him.


With another name from the past being mentioned, as Cope’s Crew Chief was the celebrated Buddy Parrot. As I bring All of this up for many reasons, like Cope being the first Warshingtonion’ to win the Day-Toner 500 along with thou Seas ‘O synchronicity

Once again bathing me.


Since for years I took to calling Pixie thou Pixolator’ here upon No Fenders, but tired of Spielchequor’ always asking me, Did you mean Purolator? Which naturally I’d totally forgotten that they’d been Cope’s title sponsor Wayback in 1990.


As the best part of the 1990 Daytona 500 Finish Youtube video chronicling the race’s final five laps is Despain interviewing Parrot after the Checkered Flag, saying Cope’s got another problem? which Buddy Parrot triumphantly tells Despain that Cope says He Doesn’t Know where Victory lane is!