Friday, February 19, 2021

Don't Take them Training Wheels Off Yet, Buster!

Self Driving Nanobots? Flying Taxis? More like Flying Monkeys Me Thinks!


So why is life as a Blind Blogger so G-DAMN Difficult these Days? I mean it’s Bad enough that the “New & Improved, Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge,” NOT! Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader’s turning out to be a piece of Flaming Crap! But Seriously?


Right now I’m literally typing Blindly, Whale’ at least I was when I began typing this Tuesday morning…


Since for reasons unknown, Zoomtext Fusion 2021 simply decided to Magically turn Off my Keyboard and Mouse Echo features this past Monday evening/Tuesday morning, the latter I rely upon Heavily, since I spend several hours a day simply sweeping the mouse back ‘n fourth to have it Talk to me, to tell me  where something is upon the screen that I can No longer See, since like I said before: Wider is Not Better for Mwah! And hence jumping from a 19-inch square High Def’ monitor to a 24-inch HDi rectangular monitor has ruined the world for me visually, but I digress…


Thus just when I thought I might be able to begin posting here on No Fenders with some sorta frequency, my world literally went Dark once again, Frick! Since

I need the Keyboard to echo my completed typed words in order to know what I’ve tried spelling; B5? Nope! D9? Nope!


As I won’t even begin trying to tell Y’all ‘bout how Gory Horrific Blogger’s new Blogging Interface platform is, other than I now simply call it Blooger


As it’s simply a game of Bloody Battleship whenever I try posting something Solo, and it’s definitely not made for anybody visually impaired or worse, Fucking Blind! Can you Hear me Now Google?!


Or even better yet, how ‘bout you Freedom Scientific or whatever you’ve rebranded yourselves as today? Oh yeah, I always forget you’re now Vispero, i.e.; makers of Zoomtext and this Well Gollee Zoomtext Fusion programme I’ve upgraded too, since the Zoomtext programme would Never work correctly!


Since like Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen said, I thought Fusion was supposed to let a Blind person Navigate their computer screen without being able to SEE! Since have I reminded Y’all lately that I’m Blind?


Which means I shouldn’t have to play “Battleship” when trying to open an Internet link on the web, as I’ve never even been able to use MOOHZillah’/Firefox because the Screen Reader WON’T interface correctly for whatever reason?


And Adding Insult to Injury, I’ve just mailed off my Cheque to pay off my Credit Card balance for said product that Don’t even work correctly, URGH! As I’m definitely not a Computer Technician! Nor am I a Gory Rocket Scientist or A Doctor Jim! As where’s ‘Ol Bones from Star Trek when Yuhs need him, Eh?


As right now I’m completely Baffled on how to install the Fusion Update my system keeps asking me if I want to install the Update every Gory Stinkin’ time I log onto my Confuzer.


After I say Yes to the first two questions, or if you’re still following along at home?


“Ken,” my new very annoying robotic Male Screen Reader Synthesizer’s voice, and Yeah, I chose Ken as in Ken & Barbie, since he sounds very Mickey Mousish to my Uber’ Sensitive Hearing, but I digress further…


  As Ken will read me that the Fusion 2021 version XP Caladrocious One of One is Not Checked…


But try as I may, I cannot manage to Blindly Sweep the Mouse over the Arse-sumedly Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny “Radio Button” location where I need to select it to “Check” the suggested update so I can install it. As why would  a company who claims to be the leader in products for the visually impaired make their programmes so Bloody Difficult for their Clientele who are BLIND!


And even weirder yet, why would the programme magically start working again 48-plus Hours later? With the Keyboard and Mouse Echo features once again enabled, even though I never actually managed to successfully reset the Fusion programme on my own…


And we’re gona become a future society having Autonomous vehicles transporting us everywhere safely? Oh Never Mind!


As we’ll “See” if I can manage to resume Blogging shortly, and Find where the Bloody Labels category Box is hiding in the Blooger interfaces, Sigh…