Monday, February 8, 2021

The Tomaso Files: Taking A few Baby Steps, May be?

As why did that ‘Ol Pink Floyd song Learning to fly spring to mind? Or seeing the evaporating foam on a Sandy Beach of a wave dissipating as the tide pulls it back out into the Ocean?


If you’re a longtime reader of the No Fenders site, or one of my remaining Diehard loyalists, which I do appreciate. Then Y’all know that your Blind Scribe Tomaso’s been waylaid by the myriad ‘O Confuzer’ issues stemming from being forced to migrate to winDOUGHS 10 and Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reading software, which never did work out correctly! Or at least what I’d become accustomed to the past seven years, as what’s that ‘Ol saying ‘bout seven year itches?


:Ice is forming on the Tips of my wings Unheeded Warnings, I thought I’d thought of Everything,

No Navigator to find my way Home, Unladen, Empty and Turned to Stone…”


VIDEO: Pink Floyd’s Learning to Fly Song


sAlas, although I’m quite aware there’s far more serious issues occurring in thou Universe, i.e.; the Dreaded COVID 19 Pandemic, or Mrs. Oilpressure having just undergone Cancer surgery…


For Mwah, as a Blind Blogger, the transition to Ye latest ‘N greatest computing technology has simply been a gory Nightmare! As I’m still upset over having not only lost my trusted speech synthesizer voice “Kate,” whom Tacoma Bureau chief Mary Ellen aptly nicknamed Lucy’, Uhm I’ve got NO Clue if that was for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, (LSD) or as I’ve always thought Lucy from Peanuts Fame? Which I’ve relied upon for the last 14 years before “she” was gone last fall.


Then I began using a much worse  female voice which I immediately nicknamed “Zoey the Princess Warrior,” since this speech synthesizer was named Zoey Compact.


Yet the Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reader  software has simply been a Piece ‘O Veritable Flaming Crap! And never worked 100% correctly during the three months I actually used it during my one year subscription, since we all got mightily interrupted by the Ultra Nasty Corona Virus! And hence my new winDOUGHS 10 PC Tower sat atop my desk as an ultra expensive paperweight for nine Freakin’ months!


Thus with Zoomtext 2020 not allowing me to do simple tasks like “Executing” Links via Hot Key command, which I’ve done since 2006 when I began utilizing Zoomtext in order to stay “connected” to the tethered world of computers, along with writing the No Fenders Blog.


I’ve now upgraded to Zoomtext Fusion 2021 and Matt, my Most Excellent Computer Technician, was only able to fine a Male synthesizer voice whom I’m calling Ken for now. Which  I cannot say I’m overly enamoured with, but will have to suffice for now since I’ve got to totally re-learn my Screen Reader’s capabilities, Sigh!


For instance, it doesn’t even now tell me if I’m using a capital letter or lower case when typing? Along with not even being able to pronounce the simple word the correctly! Which to my tainted hearing sounds like thooh, which rhymes with Y’all know it’s ah-comin’, Hya! Pooh, or the fact that sometimes it won’t read the final word in a sentence, like the word Pooh!

 And we won’t even discuss pronouncing racing driver’s names, but I digress again…


Yet that said, with the latest Screen Reader I was able to Fumble, Stumble and Most definitely Bumble my way into the Blogging Interface platform, which I’ll forever now refer simply to as Blloger!


Hmm? Was there just some ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin game played? And where are Yuhs Chris Berman, Eh? 


I miraculously re-entered my No Fenders Blog for the very first time since august 4, 2020 ironically on Thursday, February 4, 2021, exactly six Gory months to the day since I’d last posted a blog story solo, Aye Karumba!


Even more amazing to Mwah, was the fact that I could blindly Navigate the Blog platform and managed to fix one of the more annoying typos I’d recently made? Although I’m definitely Not a Fan of this new fangled Autocorrect spieling feature, which seems to have a tendency of completely words for Mwah, like when I was just trying to type completing you bugger! As Mike Rocky’ rockenfeller was a race winner, since duh! He’s a racer, but I digress…


anyHoo’, this is another Typical long winded No Fenders rant to let Y’all know it’ll be slow goings for Mwah as I attempt returning to Blogging Solo once again, since it’s definetly a  brand new Ballgame for Mwah, since the new 24-inch Wider is Better monitor AIN’T! Along with All of the remaining technical issues, since this Puter’s simply made me even Slower!


Hence, I feel somewhat like a toddler learning to walk again, along with having watched some form of Rush’s’ Behind the Lighted Stage via Youtube where Alex Lifeson sez’ we had to refocus our energies and somewhat slow down, decide what we really wanted to focus upon or we’d simply Burn Out, or something to that effect…


Which is exactly what I feel like after effectively an unforeseen sabbatical from any major blogging the last half year, and thus I’ll attempt only picking up thou pace slightly in the future, because as ‘Ol Geddy once crooned “You can do a lot in a lifetime if You Don’t Burn Out too Fast, First you Need Endurance to Go the Distance, First You Need to Last!”


VIDEO: Rush’s Marathon Song


So, we’ll “S-E-E” if I can “load” my very first Bloody Post in said six months now. As pretty Funny how as I finish this during listening to The Beatles Hour on ye ‘lil transistor Radio, the speaker’s blaring  Out Help! Not just anybody, Help! I Need Somebody, Help!


As Kudos to No Fenders blogmeister Miguel for keeping the site alive for me as always…



As the partial Rush song lyrics are simply from memory, and are from Marathon on the 1985 Power Windows album.


Partial Song lyrics from: Pink Floyd

Song: Learning to Fly

Album: A Momentary Lapse of Reason