Monday, June 7, 2021

INDY 500: Lingering, Weigh-laid 2020 Post Race Thoughts

As it's certainly Not A New Track Record for finally being able to post this here on No Fenders, Thanks Blooger!


Author’s Note

This is the second part of last year’s Indianapolis 500 tome that never got “Published” due to the aforementioned Hijinx of Blogger’com’s Bastardized redesign…


It was Funny how much the Hours waiting until this year's 104th running of the Indianapolis 500 finally commenced was for Mwah, remember that Y'all? Feeling like Grains 'O Sand Slowly Slipping down thou Hourglass inexorably S-L-O-W, one infinite grain at a time…


First it was 48hrs to G-O! After Gorging Thyself upon the entire Carb Day practice, the Dale Junior' Download with Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown', aka James Hinchcliffe episode and then sitting thru another Encore Presentation of the 2019 Indianapolis 500 on NBC Sports - All Day long, Aye Karumba!


Then it was a somewhat agonizing 24hrs whilst Ah-Waitin' thru Saturday, albeit I sat 'N listened to a Uber Hilarious Uncle Bobby roast Hosted by 'Ol r', aka Robin Miller on Saturday Nite', since I think 'Ol Uncle Bobby's a fan of Sir Elton's Saturday Nites' Alright for Fightin', Righto?


As this was the 2018 Roast of Uncle bobby held at the legendous’ Stutz building in Indianapolis, and featured El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske,”Rocket Rick” Mears, Parnelli Jones, Lonestar JR’, (Johnny Rutherford) with ‘lil Al (Al Unser, Jr.) and Johnny Unser taking part later, that’s not included on the video.




As thinking I’ll make “Watching,” Err listening to this Hilarious video part of my Indy Night before the 500 ritual


And then just killing some more time by watching the last hour-plus Replay of the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship Saloons' race from Virginia International Raceway (VIR) Sunday morning, where 'Ol Bimmer Billy', aka Bill Auberlen made History by winning the GTD (Daytona) Class for his 61st victory. Breaking his tie wit Scotty Scooter' Pruett for most major IMSA career wins of 60 apiece! Which I thought it was classy on Auberlen's part to do a Scott Pruett Hi to My Family First moment in his winner's podium speech…


Then just Ah-Waitin' until 'bout 10mins after Eleven AM Pacific, until enough of the television Pre-amble with Queen Dan-Dan-Danicker' and Mike "Sunday Night Football" Tirico had passed! And I could switch onto Big NBC, which really does stand for Nothing But commercials! Justin-time' to catch Back Home Again in Indiana being sung by Crooner' Jim Cornelison, whoose rendition of this time honoured classic I quite enjoy!


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

While I've previously mentioned that I'd been very Happy if Marco won, I totally wasn't expecting that to happen, whilst also already having eluded to the fact that my Pre-race choice for this year's winner was Alexander Rossi


And thus even though Vegas was favouring Dixon, I wanted Rossi to claim his second Indy 500 Borg Warner trophy. Hence imagine how chagrined I was to hear Danica Patrick say Rossi's my Guy, as He just seems like He's got unfinished Business, Hmm? where did I hear those words before?


As Yikes! That was part of her answer when Mike Tirico asked Danica to make a few comments 'bout some of the Drivers on the first three Rows.


To which she also replied, Takuma Sato's motto is No Attack, No chance, need I say anymore? As Taku-san was making his career best start from P3.


On Rinus VeeKay, the youngest driver in the field at 19, She said Ignorance is Bliss, as he's only been racing for 11-years.


And may be it was just Mwah? But I found myself overly Amped Up at the beginning of the race, since everybody seemed to be driving so G-Damn aggressively! Like Dudes, you Can't win it On the First lap! Like wasn't that 'Ol Rocket Rick Mears motto?


With All of thou Craziness occurring just before James Davison had the most Bizarre accident, when his front Brake Caliber instantaneously Exploded after his wheel apparently Failed, before catching on Fire!


And Queue the Benny Hill Theme music for FAST EDDIE' and Company! As Pick your Poison of which was worst? As I'm really, really tempted to finely Hone some witty repartee 'bout Ed Carpenter and his sponsor the U.S. Space Force.


Like shouldn't he have been able to see Zach Veach's racecar from Far Above and avoid it? Nah, No little Green Men from You Know Where Jokes Here, Hya!


Or Conor Daly doin' his best Tom Cruise Days 'O blunder', Err Top gun impersonation of riding his Chuck Yeager inspired No. 47 "Glamours Glennis" USAF sponsored Dallara-Chevy into the wall after calling Smoke On! Or Rookie Rinus VeeKay's unwanted Hitting of a Crew-member during a Pit-stop, which obviously ruined his entire race after being given a penalty.


The Andretti Curse…

For All of the Non-stop mentioning of Ye Dreaded Andretti Curse at Mother Speedway, for which I believe I heard the staggering statistic how the Andretti's were 1-for-74 in Wins vs. Starts before this year's race, Aye Karumba! Which obviously now is 1-for-75.


Yet for Mwah, it appears more that Alexander Rossi has the Andretti Curse squarely upon his Shoulders instead this year, and his Indianapolis 500 race did nothing to cure it. As I Don't like All the Blame the extremely Overworked and Underpaid Crew-members have been getting this season. As they're under enormous pressure to perform this year in overly Adverse conditions, i.e.; Travel, Heat, Fatigue, Super long Hours and uncomfortable Work Clothes, including wearing Masks for 12-hour Shifts!


And I just felt like it was gonna be one of those days after Rossi's first Botched Pit-stop when his team Didn't call him in on-time, due to some sort of (Radio) miscommunication…


Yet that said, there was some sort of slight delay in dispatching Rossi on the Pit-stop in Questione, where he grazed Takuma Sato on Pitlane driving back onto the track.


As this seems the most likely cause of the whole minor collision, for which All I can say is that at least IndyCar was Consistent in its Penalty Punishment for an "Unsafe" release. Since I Don't recall who the Booth Boys noted having been given the exact same penalty in a prior race…


And it's funny that Thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown', aka James Hinchcliffe was the top finisher of Mikey A's' Six, or is it Seven Car Armada? If we include Meyer Shank Racing (MSR) due to Thar Technical Alliance with Andretti Autosport, But I Digress…


As Hinch' finished seventh in a veritable four-car Andretti Freight train. With Colton Herta eighth, MSR's Jack Harvey P9 and Ryan Hunter-Reay 10th.


Marco Andretti quietly soldiered home P13, with Zach Veach 15th and  Rossi's Dejected finishing position matching his car number, YOUCH!


The Red's are Ah-Comin'

Many Fans, myself included thought the race was shaping up to be a Mano e Mano Duel between Scott Dixon and Alexander Rossi, which we know didn't happen, since Rossi was sent to the back of the line following his Pit-stop infraction with Takuma Sato. And then Ye proverbial Red Mist took over Joe Cool', Err Rossi, who ultimately clouted the wall on Lap-143 when trying to desperately march his way back to the front of the procession.


Yet it was Taku-san', nee Takuma Sato who ultimately Stole the Show! Although I didn't initially catch the lap number 158 when he initially passed Dixon for the race's lead for the first time before a final round of Pit-stops.


But I felt somewhat better hearing Ye Elder Statesman 'O IndyCar bloggers Geo. Phillips, Hya! Of Oilpressure Fame subsequently Note how Sato passed Dixon for the lead once again during another of thou litany 'O Commercials - which he spotted whilst watching the Side-by-Side action I cannot See…


As I believe George noted this was with 26-laps remaining? Since All I recall is that I began Chanting Taku-Taku-Taku' with four sets 'o fingers crossed with twenty laps remaining!


As I've lamented previously here on No Fenders, it's not that I'm not a Fan of Scott Dixon's racing Brilliance, especially since it's simply Amazing to think he'll soon rank second Overall in virtually every Career IndyCar category, trailing only 'Ol SuperTex', nee A.j. Foyt, CRIKEYS MATES!


It's just that I tire quite easily of Team Penske winning every Freakin' year! Or the Big-3 in general, i.e.; Penske, Ganassi and Andretti, excluding Rossi…


Since I really want Alexander to finally win his first IndyCar Championship! Not to mention I feel like he's far more poised to join the prestigious group of Four-times Indy 500 winners than HULIO' is.


Since if I'm doing this correctly, then Sato's victory became only the fourth Non Big-3 winner in the past 20 years!


Ironically beginning with Buddy Rice's win for then just Rahal letterman Racing in 2004. Followed by the upset victory by the late Dan Wheldon for Bryan Herta Autosport in 2011. Then TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's W for KV Racing Technology in 2013, and lastly Sato's second Indianapolis 500 victory this year.


Was it as good as last year's race at Mother Speedway? Probably not, albeit we'll never know if we'd have had a different winner if Spencer Pigot hadn't crashed. Although I Hugely Doubt Pigot wanted to crash! Even if he was in the third Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Car…


While Sato surprisingly seemed to have the "legs" on Dixon, so who knows? As it was a very enjoyable race overall.


But Congrats to Takuma for putting himself out front when it mattered, and ultimately winning this year's Indy 500! For which I'll let Ye Others in thou Blogosphere do thoust Heavy lifting of recapping the entire field, and whatever other details I’ve missed in this elongated No Fenders prose, especially now since we’ve just completed the 105th running…