Monday, June 14, 2021

Another Crazy, Diverse Weekend ‘O Motor Racing

As Thar were so many series racing, I couldn’t get to them All, and that Don’t even include RASSCAR’, Yeehaw!


This weekend’s Cornucopia ‘O Motor Racing was “action Packed!” Although I only could “Watch,” err listen to two different racing series, albeit a total of three races, i.e.; IndyCar’s Double Header at Detroit’s Belle Isle and the inaugural Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) event at Stafford Springs, Connecticut’s Stafford Motor Speedway. Since the Truncated Airing for the FIA’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) 8 Hours of Portugal on Motortrend TV conflicted with Sunday’s IndyCar race.


OOPS! I almost forgot the IMSA Sports Car race that felt like an After thought following the Day’s Insane IndyCar race!


As it’s kind of enjoyable in a Strange, Surreal way how the IndyCar season has been Split into two separate entities, i.e.; the Twisties’ (Road Courses & Street Circuits) portion being the Mainstay with the Ovals as Supporting Cast.


Since I was looking forward to the return of Romain Grosjean to “See” what the Frenchman could do for the Minnowecqe Dale coyne team, whilst I’m certain Jimmie Johnson will continue as Tail gunner Charlie. But will he finish ahead of Dalton Kellett, Survey Says?


Not to mention that “The Great Santini” continues his part-time IndyCar campaign running with Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing in it’s third #45 chassis. Which just makes me hope he doesn’t pull an Allmendinger Thar, Yikes!


Although I have to say when I thought of Belle Isle this year, the first thing I thought of was the GM Mucky Muck Vice President who Crashed the Corvette Stingray Pace Car there a few years ago!


Then just having listened to another Zany Speed Freaks interview with A.J. Allmendinger following his latest victory at Mid Ohio’s Gup lite’ race, ‘Ol Walldinger’ probably wouldn’t want to be reminded of when he Crashed during the opening laps of each day’s Belle Isle Duelie’ driving for El Capitano’ (Roger Penske) with the Race Sponsor Quicken Loans on the Sidepods of his Team Penske IndyCar, el Correctomundo!


And C’mon, Put them Hands up, how many of Yuhs Tuned in Saturday Nite’ to check out the Mucho Ballyhooed Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) Short Track race? Where some IndyCar drivers including What’s His Name? That guy who just won another Indianapolis 500 competed…


And I was mainly interested in the Portimao Sports Car race to “See” if Glickenhaus showed up, and more importantly if Ryan Briscoe got to race one of it’s brand new racecars, since there’s just the 6 Hours of Monza on July 18th before le 24 Heurs du Mans in August, which will include 20% Crowd Attendance.


Naturally with this being a Double Header weekend, Qualifying for IndyCar was only available behind the Gilded Peacock Paywall! And then we went thru a Rollercoaster ‘O Emotions. From Nothing But commercials (NBC) every 7-9mins to Felix rosenqvist’s Narly Accident! To NBC going Nonstop Commercials for over an Hour before Hosing Us by having to immediately go to Thar Fucking, Are You Kidding Me? NBC Sports App for the Podium Celebration and Post Race coverage over Debutante IndyCar winner


As serves you right NBC! Having read that they had Technical Difficulties with the Bullshit Sports App Streaming portion, which Not everybody either Does, or has Access to, so Shame On You NBC!


Then simmerin’ over Not being able to “See” the IndyCar Post Race celebrations, I decided to Tune-in to the IMSA Sports Car race via Zed Internets. And for reasons unknown, either my computer or the broadcast decided to Dump at race’s Start, for the second gory time, as I scrambled to reboot my Confuzer and missed the first 7mins of the Sports Car race a la IndyCar!


Then I switched Thy Telie’ back on Justin-time to catch the entire “Made for TV:” Debutante SRX race, for which I have to say I actually enjoyed Alan Bestwick and Danica Patrick’s commentary. And when I told Florentine’ F1 Spotter Jeannie that I actually enjoyed queen Danica’s announcing, she promptly asked me how many Beers have you been Drinking?


As it was even better having the local Short Track Ace Doug Coby “School” All of the all-stars, not only winning Heat 2, but the 100 lap Feature race ahead of The Biffster’, aka Greg Biffle and SRX Series Co-founder Smoke’. (Tony Stewart)


But Hands Down, the Best race of the entire weekend for Mwah was Belle Isle’s Sunday IndyCar race, where my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Shellacked the entire Grid! Having rolled off P16, Pato O’Ward methodically worked his way forward. As it was funny hearing his Strategist telling him to Focus forwards but Conserve his Push-to-Pass and presumably Save Fuel!


O’Ward made to Monster Passes on Scott Dixon and, Uhm? Before lining up fifth on the final restart on lap 67 and carving up Graham Rahal and Alex Palou as I think he passed both of them in one fell swoop? Then he tracked down Colton Big shot! Herta and Overtook him for second before Hunting Down Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden who’d led the entire race.


Newgarden who was the only one on used Red rubber Alternate Firestone tyres luridly slid exiting a corner and Pato swiftly sized him up and said Slingshot ON! Pardon Me, Playing Thru! As they made wheel-to-wheel contact before O’Ward took the lead for good enroute to his second career IndyCar win! As I yeled outloud O’wards and Animal!


And I understood Newgarden’s Post race Funk after finishing runner-up when being interviewed and saying it was Sad Sad Sad, after leading the first 67-of-70 laps. But just busted up laughing when he paused when asked about the move Patricio put on him for the win. Pausing mightily before saying Deadpan into the Camera, What are you gonna do? Which I took to mean it’s literally like trying to stop a Bull!


As O’Ward not only becomes the first repeat IndyCar winner this year, but with his Pole from Race-1 and two podium finishes at Belle Isle vaults from third in the championship, 37 points behind to One point ahead of previous points leader Alex Palou, who finished third today after starting 15th. While as Claudio’ said, it was a Colton Who? Day with Herta finishing fourth and Graham Rahal rounding out the Top 5 with an unimpressive 5th place finish.