Monday, June 14, 2021

NBC almost Double Faults at Detroit

As now You See ‘em, Now you Don’t!


First off, I’ll freely admit that I was Hoping for NBC to get the IndyCar TV Contract three years ago vs. ABC, and I Don’t want to return to that version of IndyCar television coverage. While I’ve also  been a Huge Fan of Leigh Diffey’s ever since he began calling the Formula 1 races for Speed, and think the pairing of Diffey, Paul Tracy and townsend Bell is one of IndyCar’s Strongest lineups.


That said, and I know others in the Blogosphere have already said to cut NBC some Slack over this weekend’s Double Header at Belle Isle, I cannot say how Annoyed I was with them both days!


As my biggest Complaint was the Tennis match running late, Fault! Which perhaps I missed when going round ‘N round the Dial when IndyCar’s Pre-race Show was supposed to be on. Checking to see if they’d Silently switched over to another NBC Channel for the Advertised Sunday morning IndyCar Pre-race? As I just really wanted to hear the latest update on Felix Rosenqvist.


But as far as   I know, NBC never said during the half hour’s extended Tennis match’s airing verbally that the IndyCar race was being moved over to CNBC. And if you’re Freakin’ Blind, it’s Uber important for such an Announcement! Although I managed to predict this shift and switched over to CNBC exactly at 9:30AM Pacific  when Leigh Diffey began talking to me…


The weirdest part was supposedly just about Halfway thru the race, lap 35 Me Thinks? Diffey welcomed in those who’d been watching the Tennis match on “Big NBC” before they went to Commercial break and sent viewers back to Tennis, Huh? Like were they just then telling Folks where the IndyCar race was? And then on Lap 41 at roughly 10:49AM when going to say it with me folks,

Another Gory Commercial break! The race was moved from CNBC back over to Big NBC, beginning on lap 44 of 70, making for a very disjointed affair to say the least.


As I’ve already lambasted their Botchery of Saturday’s Post race Blackout! As I Applauded the unusual decision to not only stay on Network TV an extra 78mins by my count, but Shockingingly go that entire time without a Bloody Commercial Break! Which just made it Uber Annoying that they had to immediately Switch Off at 2:18PM Pacific, according to my Talking Keychain’s Clock. Like at very least, give up a short winner’s Interview, as I’ve got to wonder would they have treated Colton Herta this way if he’d won?


As Not everybody either has access to, or wishes to Madly Scramble over to your Freakin’ NBC Sports App! Especially if you’re Blind! As you probably cannot See the Gory Fucking App!


And Yeah, it’s great having IndyCar on Network TV an amazing eight, or will it be nine races this season? But as we All learned, like during the Gory ABC/ESPN Days, Stick ‘N Ball Sports always come first, Hence the Stupid Professional Lacrosse game that went into Overtime kept us from seeing the Start of Saturday’s IndyCar race, missing the first seven minutes of Ontrack Action.


And I won’t even go into the usual those who can See and are willing to Pay for NBC’s Peacock Paywall Streaming service, Err almost typed Steaming! Does Nothing to Add viewership to IndyCar’s, which I still cannot wrap my Head round why Comcast would Kill Off a Sports Channel. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot it’s All about making more Money!


For which if IndyCar is really going to “Grow” the Sport, then we need to be able to See both Qualifying and the Races on terrestrial TV…