Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Why Must Sports Announcers Always Shout?

Like Can You Hear Me Now? And why are you YELLING at Me?


Ok I get it, presumably we All need to be “Pumped Up!” Which is why Sports Announcers get excited with their Fake Enthusiasm…


Obviously I’m not a Sports Announcer, nor have I ever been to Broadcasting School, and many will probably also debate my lack of Journalism intellect. Yet that beig said, do they actually teach how to “Get Excited” and feverishly increase Thar Vocal Chords to a Ranting, Foaming, Screaming Pitch at Broadcasting School?


And I know, if Yuhs Don’t have Anything Nice to say, you’re Not supposed to say anything, Righto? But since someone in particular in Ye Blogosphere continues Heaping glowing Praise upon one certain Part time IndyCar lead Announcer, then I can Gory Well Disagree with him!


I’m certain that Kevin Lee’s a very nice person, and I find him to be a capable Pitlane Reporter, but when it comes to him filling in for Leigh Diffey I simply Groan in Displeasure!


And perhaps it’s simply a bi-product of my being Blind? Since after all Blind people do have super Powers, Hya! Hence may be it’s just my increased Hearing powers, Huh, What did you say? Or may be it’s a Midwest Accent thing?


But whenever I hear Kevin in the “Big Chair” All I hear is the annoying screaming tones of Oh No Mr. Bill when he tries mimicking Diffey’s “Enthusiasm,” for which some say they’d like Leigh Diffey to drop the Shouting a notch or two…


As Kevin’s “Excitement” simply comes across as the most Phonies, Hoaky, Pre-manufactured Fake Enthusiasm I’ve ever Heard! Not to mention he sounds like he’s reading from a Cue Card when explaining Motor Racing 101 to us.


Thus I found it pretty S-A-D how I was absolutely Jubilantly Overjoyed, doing my Bestest Pee Wee Herman impersonation of I Don’t have to listen to Kevin Ha Ha! When I was able to Pull-up the IndyCar Radio Road America Broadcast on the Internet instead, when Mark Gravelly’ James voice came Booming in loud ‘N clear on my Confuzer’s speakers when I “dialed Up” WFNI 1075 “the Fan” at 9AM Pacific, Hurrah!


And then I chuckled to myself at race’s end how I got to hear All of the Podium interviews instead of having to race over to NBC Sports Lame Arse RASSCAR’s Back Preamble, Spew!


As I could tell by how the laps were counting down slowly due to the four Cautions the race was gonna Bump Up against NBC Sports Ditching IndyCar’s at 11:45AM (Pacific) in favour of those Taxicab Bombers.


With IndyCar Fans getting Shafted All around again, with the “JV” team calling that  Canned Road America Qualifying show in the middle of Saturday Night, along with being constantly Bombarded by ‘lil Ironhead’ (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) making Musak’ at Nashville TV Promoes. And El Capitano’ (Roger Penske) says IndyCar Needs Eyeballs on It, Oh Never Mind!