Friday, June 4, 2021

Icebergs Near and Far

Although they’ve got Nothin’ to do with Ye titanic…


Ironically, without having any previous knowledge of what it was about. I just so happened to have finished “Reading,” Err listening to a very entertaining book titled Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson earlier this week.


The book’s loosely about China’s Colonization of the Moon, the remaining two “Super Powers,” the “G2’s” concurrent struggles to control their civilizations ongoing Demonstrations for Democracy and the hunting of an American citizen and Chinese Princess who are being constantly pursued.


And in China’s fight for who’ll become it’s new leader in 2047, there’s brief mentions of Tiananmen Square  and how the “Great Firewall” continues Blocking any reference to June 4th, 1989, which instead is called May 35th amongst other non June 4th references.


Meanwhile 32 years ago today, Phoenix, Arizona held the first of it’s ultimately three United States Grands Prix, known as the Iceberg Grand Prix, which just so happened to be your Humble Scribe Tomaso’s Debutante Formula 1 race outing. Which I’ll forever remember the irony of it’s title sponsor Iceberg while it was a Gory 104 degrees Fahrenheit on the streets of Downtown Phoenix, Aye Karumba!


Since now whenever I think of the number 32, Kyle Kiser and Juncos Racing immediately spring to mind!


As I’ve scribbled here before many times, I had Zero clue what was happening in China that day whilst sweltering in the Heat!


But what strikes me as Odd, which the book mentions. Is that I never put together the facts that China’s disgusting Military Crackdown at Tiananmen Square occurred the same Bloody year as the Fall of the Berlin Wall. And that perhaps China was Over reacting to this peaceful Civilian Demonstration because they saw the crumbling of Communism in Berlin. Since after all, Good ‘Ol Ronnie got Gorbachev to “Tear Down that Wall” just some scant five-plus months later…