Friday, January 13, 2017

AUTOS: Former Tonight Show Hosts' current Car Show makes me think 'bout Hammertime'

Still photo from Jay Leno's Garage June, 2016 Crimefighters episode - Credit CNBC. (Image source:
Once again, it's time to ring in another New Year's with the annual Barrett Jackson auction commencing underneath thee Big Top 'O West World in Scottsdale, AZ...

Hmm? Originally I was planning to not watch; Err listen to any of Jay Leno's antics upon his Jay Leno's Garage TV Show on CNBC. Yet with other such Reality TV Car Shows season's over and nothin' On my 57 Channels 'O Dribble...

Alas, I began watching Leno's             show in earnest last summer, when catching my first full episode featuring the legendous' Adam West and his Batmobile in the June 22nd Crimefighters' episode, which per usual, inspired the following story here in Nofendersville.

As Jay's show constantly entertains Mwah - since Y'all never know who he'll have on the show or what range 'O eccentricity he'll deluge us with, from sparrin' with his good buddy's Tim Allen and Jerry Seinfeld for starters.

As one recent episode featured Seinfeld showing off three of his vintage Porsche's before taking Jay for a spin in his classic 356 Speedster. As I was totally unawares' that Seinfeld has his own Car Show.

Later on "Dr.
McDreamy," aka Patrick Dempsey took Leno for a quick spin in a modern Porsche 911 GT Racecar, along with drollin' over a vintage 911 Carrera RSR from the early 1970's!

Another episode featured checkin' out Sammy "I CAN'T DRIVE 55!' Hagar's Ferrari 512BB, plus Kenny Wayne Sheppard's affinity for Dodge's, which is sort of a tease for who'll be selling off some of their wares in Scottsdale Jan 14th-22nd.

Along with having just learned that a Boatload 'O Rare Corvette's will headline this year's Barrett Jackson auction...

While I've got zero idea of what other iconic, legendary or completely wild vehicles will cross the block, although doubt anything quite as daring as one of Leno's rides will be going under the hammer, eh?