Monday, January 16, 2017

ROLEX 24: Will Seattle Teams return?

Waitin' out Duh Storm, whilst opining for the return of our Home Team Panzerwagons to the grid, as Seattle's expecting SNOW for the third time in a month. Or is I-T four or thou number five? Thoust number shalt be-eth Six...

Like most stories here in Nofendersville, they're planted way ahead 'O time... Hey Lucy! C'mon FREAKIN' start talkin' to Me!

OOPS! Sorry 'bout that, but another part 'O daily life here in Nofendersville is that Lucy', my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader has a nasty habbit of stopping talkin' to me in mid-sen                        ten                  ence    whi                  st typing; SHIT! 

As it's been so COOLLDDDDD here in Seattle the past several weeks now due to La NiƱa, think Lucy' Done Froze UP! As what's Dat 'Ol Rolling Stones song 'bout She's so Cold, Cold, Cold, My Hands just Froze; Hya!


Alas, naturally thoughts of being someplace warm like Florida occupy Thy thoughts; but I digress...

Hence last fall, after the chequered flag had waved at Petit Le Mans, at the beginning of December, before the rain, snow, Freezing Rain and ice arrived - I began trolling for info upon my Homeboyz' GTD teams that I'd scribbled 'bout last January in;

Alas, the two Porsche 911 Stalwart Pacific Northwest teams, aka Alex Job Racing/Team Seattle and Park Place Motorsports found themselves in a bit 'O quandary upon their future plans this past fall, as it didn't look promising for one half of this duo before Christmas.

But at least half of our Pacific Northwest Squads will definitely return this year, with Park Place Motorsports having confirmed their participation this season, once again fielding the No. 73 Porsche 911 GT3R in the GTD (Daytona) class.

Entrant: Park Place Motors
Drivers: Patrick Lindsey, Jorg Bergmeister, Matt McMurry and Norbert Siedler
Make: Porsche 911 GT3R
Car#: 73

Glad to hear that the luxury car dealer's "local" race-team's back on the grid. As the Gang's back, with last year's lineup intact. As the Driver trio is led by Patrick Lindsey, Porsche Factory Hot Schue Jorg Bergmeister and promising Sports Car Pilote Matt McMurry, who'll once again deputize for the "Enduros" only, i.e.; Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen and Petit Le Mans, which makes up the North American Endurance Cup (NAEC) portion of the Weathertech SportsCar Championship season.

While last year's Daytona 24 Hours co-driver Norbert Siedler's name didn't appear until after the Roar Before was completed...

Entrant: Alex Job Racing
Drivers: Townsend Bell, Bill Sweedler, Frankie Montecalvo and Pierre Kaffer
Make: Audi R8 LMS
Car#: 23

So my New Year's wish sorta came true, as I'd dreamed that if I'd won the Powerball lottery; OH SHIT! think Yuhs gotz Duh buy a ticket, right? I'd fund Team Seattle with a fulltime entry of two Porsche's a la Alex Job Racing's stable last year. With the No. 23 running once again for Childrens Hospital's Heart of Racing campaign. The driver lineup would be comprised of an All Star team featuring Mr. Chrome Horn, his IndyCar TV Booth protagonist Townsend Bell, Tanner Foust and Scott Speed, which surely would garner the media's spotlight and help Team Seattle gain Attenzione once again...

Meanwhile, the former No. 22 AJR Weathertech Racing Seester' car would feature the regulars, i.e.; Mario Farnbacher, Wolf Henzler, Ian James and Alex Riberas who piloted last year's #23 entry. Which unfortunately won't occur - especially since they've A-L-L hustled off to find seats with other teams for this year's Rolex, due to the uncertainty of AJR returning .

Instead, AJR's been thrown a "Lifeline" and now will campaign this year's rendition of Audi's R8 LMS, featuring the championship winning duo of (Townsend) T' Bell and Bill Sweedler, who've raced for ALEX Job before.

They'll be joined by Frankie Montecalvo fulltime for the Enduros', as AJR's just contesting the Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup (NAEC) this season, with Factory Audi Driver Pierre Kaffer penciled in the Audi Sport Customer Racing entry for just Daytona at the moment.

Sadly, having decided to check Team Seattle' website for any breaking news when buttoning up this story, they announced Dec 30th that they'd made the regrettable decision to not participate in this year's Rolex 24, in which would have been the team's twentieth year; BUMMER!

Thus I'll be rootin' for these two entries, albeit lamenting the lack of Team Seattle on the grid...

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