Thursday, January 5, 2017

RETRO: British Speed Merchant Donald Campbell remembered

Awoke to the News regarding Donald Campbell's death today...

Fifty years ago yesterday, Donald Campbell, son of Sir Malcolm Campbell, an accomplished Land Speed Record (LSR) holder himself. Perished whilst trying to break his own Water Speed Record (WSR) when traveling reportedly at some 300mph on water!

As Donald had battled (indirectly) against Seattle's Stan Sayres for WSR supremacy, which Sayres set twice in the legendous' Slo-Mo, Seattle's famous Miss Slo Mo Shun unlimited hydroplanes that revolutionized the sport!

Campbell's Bluebird K7 jet engine boat disintegrated on Coniston Water in Cumbria,  January 4, 1967. He was 46yrs old, and the only person to hold both the recognized (FIA) Land & Water Speed Records in the same year...

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