Saturday, January 28, 2017

IMSA: A Few Rules Updates announced before the Camera lights G-O On...

This is just a quick, cursory look at a few of the major regulation changes announced previously for this year's Weathertech SportsCar Championship, before Dario throws thou Green Flag and racing appears on Duh B-I-G' Channel F-O-X, for a whopping 3hrs; WOOPIE! As A-L-L 2017 race starts will now be in one H-U-G-E' single pack.

Meanwhile IMSA will take over the Technical Approval process of each and every chassis wishing to contest races, with the creation of the new "Technical Fingerprint" requirement process to validate each competing marque.

While IMSA has made revisions to the Balance of Performance (BoP) rule packages following the Roar Before the 24...

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