Monday, January 16, 2017

Jill Saward: 1965-2016

Many of you like myself Stateside, probably have never heard of her before. As I certainly hadn't, even though I read her brother's F1 Blog daily. Having first learned of Jill's unexpected death thanks to Joe Saward when lamenting why his JoeBlogsF1 website had been quiet lately.

And while I enjoy teasing 'bout Joe being a Grizzled Journo', I simply cannot type anything remotely as touching, informative and well thought out as Mr. Saward's post above, which I highly implore reading, even though as Joe notes immediately, it's not about motor racing.

As Joe details, his sister never dreamed of her ultimate Job title in life, with headlines screaming Rape Campaigner, and as Mr. Saward laments, much worse indeed!

As I suppose it's nothing new in life, but right now I'm a Wee Bit befuddled over how the Media's such a horrible apparatus simply by the choices of words chosen and printed, all too often simply for grabbing our Attenzione, along with its Shock Value - interspersed with Ceaseless Commercials, website clicks, and ultimately to make profits for the few, a la Rupert Murdoch.

As Joe notes, his little sister was basically "Outed" by the Blood Smearing Media, which are my words and Not Mr. Saward's, but what's so brilliant about the story is that Jill not only took this tabloid assault Head-on, but set about making it her life's work to improve the system for future rape victims, for which she did an amazing job of!

As I've included The Guardian's story, (below) simply since it not only reinforces Mr. Saward's view, but also briefly notes the book his sister wrote detailing this wretched experience - along with some of the great work she did.

Also noting the outright absurdity spoken by the presiding male judge, a one Mr. Justice Leonard who so outrageously decried, regarding the heinous act of the Perpetrator's rape sentence's being lenient due to Mrs. Saward's "Stoic" behaviour during the trial...

Sir John Leonard
"Because I have been told the trauma suffered by the victim was not so great ... I shall take a lenient course with you"