Friday, January 27, 2017

A Familiar IndyCar name is this year's Rolex 24 Grand Marshall

Whale' lookie Thar, isn't that 'Ol Dario REO Speedwagon Franchitti up on the starter's stand waving the green flag?

As I had ZERO clue on whether or not I'd get to watch; Err listen to the first three hours truncated FOX TV coverage Race-day? Or better yet, a la last year, enjoy copious amounts via Zed Internetz' 'O Der Heinenmeire', nee John "Ha-Ha-Ha" Hindhaugh on IMSA's Official Website! Which for Mwah is far Superior to my Non Existent FS2 availability...

As here's who was fastest overall at the Roar Before a few weeks ago, which of course doesn't guarantee a Damn Thingy!

And if Y'all cannot wait 'til  Saturday, as you're on your own to find if and when you might be able to watch the race on TV? As I'm afraid most of I-T will be airing on Fox Sports Douche! (FS2)

Since as far as I know, comca$t still refuses to offer Fox Sports 2 in Seattle...

thus, if you're Jonesin' for some sights 'N sounds of Rolex 24 action, Y'all may wish to check out this In-car video footage of Gunnar Jeannette aboard his brand new Mercedes AMG GT3 - SWEET!

And in the immortal words 'O ze Dom 'O IndyCar Bloggers, thou departed Pressdog, I'm trying to decide what Thy Beer of the Race shall be? As I'm toying with the idea of some Lowenbrau Dark, although think I'll need Somme-thun' stouter than that, like I dunno, perhaps some Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA Ja-Ja? Especially after thee HELL I've endured loading those three monstrous Rolex 24 previews on the P.O.S. platform!

Drink Ye Bastards!

Whilst I've got NO idea what those Zany Grab Bag Sports Boyz' are up to this year, and if they're doing their yearly Bonkers Midnight Movie?