Friday, January 18, 2013

AUTOS: Blastolene - Say What?

The stunningly beautiful A.J. Watson Roadster driven to victory by Jim Rathman in the 1960 Indy 500. (DOB Photos)
Ah, the synchronicity of it all; Nah, not that this story was abducted by the NoFenders Wormhole Vortex; Hya! But that I’d be off to thee Big Island just a month after watching a Clive Cussler Barrett-Jackson 1hr special episode on SPEED, (10/02/11) where there was a bit on a wacky 8,400lb Blastolene IndyCar-style  special chassis that was 25-inches shorter then Jay Leno’s original “Tank Car;” Huh?

This second Blastolene Special took a ‘Mega 4,000 man hours to complete, with its wheels alone costing $15k; patterned after typical Watson Roadster kidney bean Halibrands and sold for a whopping $255,000! (Not including the auction & seller’s fees...)

This monstrous Roadster made me think of my favourite car during a past ‘Walkabout at the IMS Hall of Fame museum. (Yep, Y’all guessed I-T! Another pending story in the NoFendersville story hopper...)

This car ‘O lore turned out to be a glittering Watson Roadster devoid of any wings, Airboxes, wide tyres and overly annoying sponsor ‘Deckles; (decals) just a gorgeous Aqua (blue) chassis. As it was the 1960 winning A.J. Watson Roadster driven by Jim Rathman.

To which I’ve typically been not overly fond of Roadsters during the past, considering myself a ‘tail man, (wrong type ‘O tail boys; Hya!) Err, as in I’ve always been a fan of the rear engine monsters - since that’s what I grew up with, yet Rathman’s Watson Roadster chassis just simply captivated me with its beautiful colour and simplicity. As I’ve now become quite enamoured with certain versions of these late 1950’s - early ‘60’s front engine Roadsters, quite enjoying another such example currently on display at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum...

And perhaps Y’all have been watching the 427hrs of nonstop TV coverage of this year’s Barrett-Jackson auction currently taking place in Scottsdale, AZ, eh? (Jan 13-20) As who knows what’ll slide across the block during Super Saturday, (tomorrow) as you can check it out on SPEED  right now - as there’s some ’67 survivor Shelby up for grabs shortly...

Meanwhile, as for Messer Cussler, this show led me to go ‘N grab a few of his always entertaining books of the fictional Dirk Pitt for my sojourn to Kona, which if Y’all are really desperate? Yuhs can read about I-T in the following story...

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)