Friday, January 18, 2013

Former Forti Formula 1 Founder dies...

I read one stories account of  the late Guido Forti’s F1 team Forti Corse being denoted as a “Cellar Dweller,” which sadly I find to be quite the hilarious term, although it may be true, nevertheless how many of us have actually achieved the overly daunting task of creating our own Formula 1 team? And unlike thee House ‘O Windsor, aka Peter Windsor, Guido’s Minnowesqe team actually made it onto the grid and ran some races to boot; YOUCH!

And although I did partake in the years Guido’s cars sometimes ran, I must confess I really don’t remember them at all, most likely since they were backmarkers after all, indeed failing to advance out of the nebulous pre-qualifying on many occasions. As surely the Forti’s didn’t do any good to “Super Sub” Roberto Moreno or Pedro Diniz’s careers, eh?

As it was the driver Diniz’s family connections along with shopping carts full of dinero that enabled Guido to launch his F1 dream, yet also take it away the following year when Diniz took his Papa’s money to Tom Walkinshaw Arrows Grand Prix team instead. As poor Guido is just one of several Italian’s who dared to create their own Gran Primo teams upon the world’s largest stage...

Arrivaderchi Guido!

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