Friday, January 18, 2013

F1 Teaser: New vs. Old Tech Highlights

Found this article somewhat interesting, as after all Y’all probably know that the biggest ‘Tech gain of 2012 was the oft discussed Coanda effect - you know which ‘Hobbo, aka David Hobbs so brilliantly pointed out to Professor (Steve) Matchett his misses had figured that  out a long time ago when trying to pour some milk into a smaller container; Hya!

This along with the somewhat controversial Mercedes “Double DRS” device seemingly were the major talking points of 2012, so what’ll be this year’s biggest Tech gains? Uhm, somehow I doubt Adrian Newey’s gonna tell us, right?

The Best Technical Innovations of 2012

Meanwhile, I found James Allen’s glimpse into the future 2014 engine change far more intriguing - since it reveals many insights towards the new regulations I wasn’t aware of, i.e.; single tailpipe exhaust, lower fuel capacity and higher KERS output, which Y’all can check it out in;