Saturday, January 26, 2013

Y’all might be a Redneck?

Was reading a news rag I typically don’t bother fishing in - USA Today’s Sports section where I stumbled upon the extremely funny writings of Jeff Gluck’s interview with Mikey “ah Shucks” Waltrip’s hired gun Clint “fisticuffs” Bowyer and the part that had me LOL’ was picturing Bowyer trying to explain what a Redneck was to a German journalist...

As I can picture smooth talkin’ bowyer layin’ on his thickest Redneck southern drawl when sayin’; You might be a Redneck if... ‘Whale if Y’all wear western cowboy boots when driving a Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am GT car upon the high banks ‘O ‘DayToner; Yuck-yuck-yuck! And Y’all gotta wear your drivers suit tucked in too Yuhs hear? Hya!

And speakin’ O  Redneck’s - I noticed that I left ‘Ol Scotty Sharp out of my vaunted 2013 Rolex 24 preview, as after all it is Sharp’s Ferrari the Extreme Speed Motorsports Boyz will be driving this weekend; as you might be a Redneck if you loop your pole position IndyCar on the pace lap; Hya!

And speakin’ further upon this Redneck Hillbilly theme... Have Y’all ran over to Grab Bag Sports for this year’s epic Blogathon? As I’m thinking that perhaps, just perhaps one of their illustrious scribes could fit this category for not including my ‘Homeboyz Parkplace Motorsports #73 on their GT Preview list, I mean C’mon, it’s a Porsche with factory driver Patrick Long and hot-schue Spencer Pompelly on its driver roll... Naw, just joshin’; butt seriously? NO mention of Patrick Long; Oh Never Mind!