Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Off to Visit Thy Princess...

’Whale at least I’m off to thee Valley of the Sun, a.k.a. Phoenix, Arizona where I think Princess Danica still lives? Yep, according to Arizona Bureau Chief MJ - Danica & Mr. Hospenthal filed for divorce in Maricopa County and both had signed Pre-nuptials... Hey Danica just don’t let ‘Ol Sherriff Joe knows yours available; Hya!

And somehow I’m doubting seriously that I’ll manage to swing by The Gasman’s ‘lil shooting range; (golf, NOT pistoleros...) Y’all know, where he keeps the world’s fastest golf cart, right? Although most likely I’ll (hopefully) manage another trek to The Captain’s - not Tenille’s museum instead...

And I’d thought it would have been truly ironic if I’d manage to arrive “Justin-time” at ‘Blogmeister Miguel’s housianda for Souper Dooper Bowl-47 and the Seattle Seahawks had somehow managed to GO ALL THE  WAY? But alas it wasn’t to be, as instead we’ll be watching ‘Dem San Francisco 49ers vs. the Baltimore Ravens this weekend instead.

As GULP! Even though I should be rootin’ for Jimmy No. 4 Harbaugh, ex-co-owner of Panther Racing... Instead I’m hoping the Ravens are victorious - for Joe Flacco’s sake and everyone else besides “Ray-Ray!” (Lewis)

Thus I’ll leave Y’all with a few little longish yarns I’ve carefully poonded out ahead of time, while I highly doubt I’ll manage to run into Miss Danica, who’m I’m told is the fastest girl in town; Hya!