Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fastest Girl in Town?

Miranda Lambert and Danica Patrick grace cover of Country Weekly. (Source:
This was brought to my attention yesterday by Lisa, who likes to remind me how, B-I-G of a FAN I am regarding Princess Perma-pout, aka Danica Patrick... By always keeping me uh-breast of the Queen ‘O ‘RASSCAR’s latest activities; as surely Lisa musta been smirking mightily as she told me the latest on thee High Priestess ‘O NutCarz, right?

Said there’s  some gal who looks eerily similar to the ‘Juan you had your  picture taken with in Indy on the eve of the 2011 Victory Banquet - when Miss Blue Dress posed with you before making a beeline for the safer confines of the J.W. Marriott’s inner-sanctum.

So what ‘bout this gal in the video? Oh, it looks like Dan-Dan-danica helping out on Miranda Lambert’s “Fastest Girl in Town...” NO word on whether or NOT this had anything to do with her Crew Chief Tony Eurie Jr. being fired or not? As reputedly ‘lil Ironhead, aka Dale earnhart Jr. the face of Junior Motorsports was overheard telling Eurie Jr. “You’re a little bit Country and I’m a whole lotta Rock ‘N Roll,” now gida long ‘lil doggie; Hya!