Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zanardi on Wind Tunnel

According to Kevin Lee of Indiana Pacers RELIEF Broadcasting fame... ‘Somme-thun to do with third-quarter trivia allowing the announcers to make a potty-break and grab a hot dog... Err, of Trackside fame with the previous Pacers wit via cohort ‘N crime Curt Cavin - ‘El Zorro, aka Alex Zanardi fresh off his brilliant Paralympics debut in London, where he grabbed two gold’s and one silver medal in his three events, will appear on Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain this Sunday evening at 6PM PACIFIC - and will be most likely tasked upon his potential interest at the Indy 500 next year...

And I specifically chose today’s date to post this Zanardi tidbit - since ironically it marks the eleven-year anniversary of his Nightmare in Germany, which I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout in;

As I still say the perfect solution would be to make him the honorary IZOD 2X Seater’s chauffer at the Brickyard next year; or at least the Pace Car driver... After all, how kOOL would it be seeing the Pace Car serving up a batch ‘O celebratory Zanardi ‘Doughnuts!