Thursday, June 23, 2016

NBC Sports Shanks another F1 Broadcast!

Probably a really, really good thingy' I DON'T have a TWIT-er account!

Otay, so I-T was two races ago, but; WTF! Why Oh Why can't Peacock-lite, nee NBC Sports Network manage to stick to its listed programming and show a Formula 1 race encore episode either in its entirety, or better yet, at A-L-L!

Case in point, the Kuhnadiun Grand Prix was listed to be re-broadcasted at 5PM Pacific Sunday, June 12th. BUTT NOOOOOOOOOOO.....

Fortunately, Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen had been kind enough to Wisk me home early Sunday morning just so I could watch; Err listen to the live airing of the race in its entirety beginning at 10AM Pacific...

Hmm? Where is I-T now? As it wasn't listed on my NFB Newsline for The Blind's TV Listings Guide on its usual station, nee NBCSN. Otay, perhaps it got pushed down to NBC's Triple A affiliate CNBC? NOPE! Huh, what's I-T doing on the B-I-G' Network Thy Peacock! Nee NBC, as Mary Ellen asked don't you wanna turn on the TV Tomaso, so you won't miss anything?

So I tuned-in two minutes prior to NBC and then just listened to some psycho-babble about rescuing Cats, or something; WTF! As around 10:05AM Pacific my inner voice said where's the FRIGGIN' F1 Pre-race blather?

Steeeeeeeee-rike One!

Having switched the Formula 1 broadcast over to NBC Sports with NO warning! Whilst Indy Cars got absolutely NO mention of their impending switcheroo to CNBC until the race was slated to start on Sunday at 11:15AM Pacific.

And I got so rankled over whom I've been calling Golden Child this season, aka Lewis Hamilton's impending victory; SHIT! Hamilton wins again. Like that's 44-of-50 or something similar regarding Mercedes total Whitewashing of F1 for wins since the PU (Power Unit) era began; YAWN!

thus I began switching back 'N forth between the delayed IndyCar race and F1 before totally switching over to the Indy Cars at the sodden Texas Motor Speedway with twelve-laps remaining on Il Notre Dam. For which Mary Ellen later retorted: That Bad?

Strangely I tuned in Justin' time to listen to the ominous sounds of Brian Till, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell calling the savage accident Josef Newgarden incurred after friend Conor Daly had inadvertedly lost the rear end of his racecar.  Which Newgarden escaped with only minor injuries, albeit a broken shoulder and wrist fracture! While we all know that the race has now been rescheduled to August 27th after more rain followed some thunder 'N lightning!

Otay, I'll watch the F1 replay to see how my Boy Valtteri Bottas finished third, since Max "Dutchboy" Verstappen and Nico Rosberg were hot on his tail.

Steeeeeeeee-rike Two!

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! Why are there some British lasses plus a perky, or should that be Cheeky' Brunette? On my Telie? And why are they blathering on Post-game about Golf? For which had originally been interrupted by some NO NAME male golfers on the 16th hole.

Ok Katie, let's go to the first sudden death playoff hole between these two Titanic Teenagers; URGH! You've gotta be joking right? Titanic? Uhm, perhaps the golfing coverage coming from my own backyard's Sahalee Country Club's Golf Corse in Sammamish, Washington will mercifully SINK to the bottom of Lake Sammamish, or better yet Lake Washington  pronto!

but NO! Not gonna happen tonight, as I got tired of waiting for those precocious female teenagers, neither of whom I've ever heard of before wrap up their playoff, as somebody better tells that Peacock FOUR!

As I'm told that after this titanic scrum, the broadcast next switched to some real, good, honest Wrasslin' between USA-USA-USA v Iran...

As I don't have a Problema with listed television Sports programs running long in general, albeit I bristle at the Red Headed Step Seester' treatment Open Wheel Racing routinely encounters, but Seriously! The Women's Golfing and Intramural Olympics? Wrestling shows weren't even listed in Thy TV Guide, making NO sense why F1's Canadian GP got bumped!

Even funnier yet was my stumbling into the F1 race being replayed in its Sliced 'N Diced 2hrs format on Monday afternoon when the TV Guide listed IndyCar from 1-3PM Pacific. As NBCSN sure AIn'T gonna monkey with its RASSCAR AMERICANA coverage; BARF!

Although I-T was impressive seeing; Err hearing Verstappen hold off the vastly superior Silver Arrows of Nico Rosberg...

The Hilarity of this, or for Mwah, the Hypocrisy of I-T ALL is the fact that the Media's All Ah-lather over the Monster Dealio Heineken just signed off on for the next five years, promising to bring the sport to the people and increase Formula 1's Social Media presence.

which for me, if the sole television network, i.e.;  comca$t audaciously chooses to Yank F1 from Primetime, for which typically only shows four races per year to its second-tier Cable TV Channel instead, how will Formula 1 ever grow in the U.S. which for thirty years I've heard is a vitally important market due to our insatiable spending habits.

Steeeeeeeee-rike Three; You're OUT NBC!

Then there's Azerbaijan, which I've already lamented about its Total Makeover by putting on a bright, shiny, smiling face over its Democracy, as won't even comment upon Uncle Bernaughty's Jabberwocky 'bout holding Azerbaijan's President's "Feet-to-the-Fire" to release its Prisoners of Conscience; SPEW!

As perhaps its solely Mwah, but? I thought there had been all sorts of blather promising that Baku's F1 race and the  24 Heurs du Mans finish wouldn't clash with each either on Thy Telie... Which I find I-T Rich that Fox Sports-1's live coverage conveniently bumped up against F1 TV Coverage Stateside, or was I-T Visa-Versa?

And riddle me this? Why in thee HELL was the supposed European Grand Prix replay slated for 3PM Pacific on Father's Day listed as only being two hours long while the live morning's airing's total duration equals three hours, with the latter apparently cutting the Pre  and Post-race analysis completely! And that's before we even get to comca$t conveniently "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge," re-airing Saturday's F1 Qualie show at Three FUCKING thirty AM when FS1 was still wrapping UP its Le Mans coverage - which hopefully I'd still be awake for?

As I'd planned on missing NBCSN's European GP coverage of Qualie' in favour of hearing Bob Varsha's mesmerizing voice once again in Thy Wee Hours 'O Morning, aka 5:30AM Pacific but Alas, NO! Fox Sports-1 triple Bogeyed, or was I-T Quadrupled? The start of Le Mans Saturday morning in favour of Y'all guessed I-T; Oh Never Mind!

For some far more soothing commentary, Y'all may wish to check out Thy Voice of Formula 1, whenever its ON Stateside. As Leigh Diffey dropped into the Speed Freaks recently to give us a few insights into Thy world of Formula 1...