Friday, June 17, 2016

Baku Blasphemy

Try as I might, I simply cannot leave these thoughts alone...

While I'm aware that perhaps many shy away from the topic of Real life in Thy World 'O Motorsports, i.e.; Race, Religion and Politics. If you've visited No Fenders over the years, then you're well aware that  I tend to not follow this Mantra.

As I especially bristled over Mr. Howdy Doody; Err Mr. Christian Horner's moronic Jabberwocky' two years ago over how Sports isn't Political! For which I was so Dumbfounded over the ABSURDITY of his Sound bite that A-L-L I could say was for Chris to Put a Sock in I-T!

Ironically as we're about to witness the European Grand Prix being held in the Democratic enclave of Baku, eighty years ago this very summer, Thy Architect of masterfully? Or more perhaps maniacally! A man named Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda saw the fruition of his Master Plan regarding total capitulation of Thy Summer Olympics NO less! As Germany's World Stage to bathe their country in a positive, happy and joyous tone "Wink-wink, Nudge-Nudge!"

As Reich Minister Goebbels ultimate design upon hosting the xi Games of the Olympiad was to not only paint Der Fatherland in a softer light, but also allow further time  for Herr Commandant, a shrill little man named Adolf Hitler to continue producing the vast armaments, weapons and supplies, along with whipping his subjects; Err civilians into total submission towards Der Fuhrer's ultimate goal of waging war for control of Europe and points beyond in what ultimately became known as the second Great War, nee World War II!

Now am I proclaiming that Azerbaijan's leader has similar intentions, Hardly! Nor am I comparing their country to the state of Germany in the 1930's when Jewish people of all walks of life were being rounded up and quietly secreted to "Death Kamps," not to mention Homosexuals, Gypsies and anyone else Der Fuhrer or his Henchmen, notably led by Herr Goebbels, one of Hitler's closest allies despised!

Y'all know, the man who MURDERED All Six of his Children at the end of the War!

Yet Azerbaijan isn't a poster child for Human Rights by any stretch of Thy Imagination! As the Azerbaijani Government has brutally cracked down upon Journalists, Reporters, Bloggers and anybody else daring to Freely speak critically about the government's Subversion by imprisoning many on theoretical trumped up political charges.

As it appears that the only F1 voice even remotely talking about this topic will be Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward - who's the only one I've read pointing out the Hypocrisy towards the egregious ARSE over Tea kettle Smoochy-Smooching Uncle Bernaughty was doing with Vladimir Putin at Sochi, and Putin's blatant usage of Formula 1 simply as nothing more than a Photo-op Tool!

Alas, sadly, as it's already been demonstrated by the FIA, FOM and powers to be of Formula 1, while announcing their addendum upon Human Rights, thee Games; Err Race must G-O on! Especially due to the exorbitant sanctioning fee Bernie Ecclestone and his Pied Pipers are receiving to use F1 to Photo Shop Democracy in Baku!

and now I've just discovered Azerbaijan's on Pole in another category, along with Russia and Armenia close behind. With Azerbaijan leading in regards to being the WORST place in Europe for the LGBTI community! Which surely Monseir Todt and Mr. Bernard Charles Ecclestone will tackle, eh?

As think I'll do like years past with Bahrain, and simply Boycott watching the race, which surely will make a difference, right? And I didn't even get started over the recent infighting in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region; Oh Never Mind!