Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Kvyat Caper

Apparently Helmut Marco's pudding wasn't just right after Sunday's Russian Grand Prix in Sochi this May...

By now, surely all the fuss over Daniil Kvyat's controversial actions upon the first few corners of the start of this year's Russian GP are an afterthought.

Especially since Herr Marco came off looking like a genius over his decision to switch drivers at the following race in Barcelona

Yet as always, especially since I completely focused upon this year's Magnanimous 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, I've simply not found time nor space to insert this into the rotation.

And perhaps I'm the only person who thought this immediately after my laughing hysterically over 'lil Sid Viddle's BLEEPED-OUT In-car radio cuss laiden tirade was played on Thy Telie had subsided; but Did Vettel Brake-check thou young Rooskie?

As Thy 'Wee "Willie Buxom,' nee NBC Sport's F1 Pitlane reporter Will Buxton lays out the most pragmatic step-by-step reconstruction of said accident, which points out Daniil Kvyat was unfairly crucified for his collision with Sebastian Vettel in;

While Kudos to 'JENSE (Button_ for rightly calling out Red Bull for throwing Kvyat underneath Thy Bus after having one bad race...

And while I've been impressed with thou Maximum Attack, nee Niederlander' teenager sensation Max Verstappen's apparent skill and bravado, especially when it comes to his overtaking maneuvers. With James Allen going so far as to claim the junior Verstappen reminds him of a young Michael Schumacher during his formative Benetton years.

Nonetheless, for Mwah, Max's petulant outbursts over the radio inflicted against rival Scuderia Toro Rosso team-mate Carlo Sainz Jr. Down Under reminded me of a Bullying Seb' Vettel  lashing out against Mark Handlebarz' Webber instead! Albeit Max is only a teenager after all, but...

Yet this post isn't about the young Dutch phenom, but instead the promising Russian F1 driver Dani Kvyat who's obviously NO slouch either when it comes to driving prowess.

After all, having just turned 22 on April 26th,  this Ufa native  is just beginning his third season in Formula 1 without having participated in the current two top rungs towards F1 ascension, i.e.; GP2 and the Formula V-8 3.5 series, previously known as the Formula Renault 3.5 series.

Kvyat began in Go Karts like the majority of aspiring F1 drivers do before making the switch to single seaters in 2010 in Formula BMW Pacific along with contesting the Toyota Racing Series where he finished fifth overall with one win.

Early in his inaugural single seater season, Dani joined the Red Bull Junior Academy, which essentially is Red Bull's Driver Factory, along with soon to be Spaniard team-mate in Formula Renault 2.0 NEC, where the duo finished 1-2 in 2011 with Kvyat runner-up astoundingly after seven victories.

Hmm? Perhaps you've heard of this young Spaniard? His name is Carlos Sainz, Jr. for which I was totally unawares' of, which makes the pairing being reunited even more interesting, Ci?

Whilst the Junior Sainz would ultimately win the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 series to springboard his way into Thy 'lil Bulls, nee Red Bull's Seester' B-team Scuderia Toro Rosso last year, Kvyat was busy winning his own championship titles as well!

For 2012 Daniil would be crowned champion of the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps series and then the following year would win the GP3 title in his rookie season for MW Arden on the back of three wins, including two consecutive "Grand Slams," NO! Not Breakfasts at Lennies' (Denny's) Hya! But securing Pole, Most Laps led, Fastest lap and victory in the series final two rounds!

Hence the Red Bull Junior Academy prodigy was naturally promoted to Scuderia Toro Rosso at the end of 2013 upon making his Friday morning Free Practice-1 debut at Circuit Of The Americas before becoming the team's newest driver in 2014 as Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo's replacement when the Aussie was promoted to Mark Webber's vacant seat, who'd retired from F1 after his turbulent relationship with team-mate Sebastian Vettel for thou Greener Pastures 'O Sports Car racing.

Thus in under four years, Kvyat went from making his single seater debut to Thy pinnacle 'O motor racing, nee Formula 1, finishing 15th overall in his rookie season. Then with Vettel's move to Scuderia Ferrari, the young Russian was elevated to the B-I-G BULLZ', aka Red Bull as Ricciardo's team-mate in his sophomore season in F1!

And what seemingly is overlooked, or forgotten? In Kvyat's sudden demotion back alongside Carlos Sainz, Jr. at Toro Rosso is the fact that Daniil finished ahead of Ricciardo in last year's Drivers standings, finishing a fine seventh overall, three points clear of Ricciardo: 95-92. With the highlight being his first career podium when he finished runner-up to Vettel at the Hungaroring. And by-the-way, one step below him on the podium's final step was team-mate Ricciardo - which sealed his finish ahead of the Aussie in the points table!

Alas as we now know, and what several pundits have pointed out, Max "Dutchboy" Verstappen was always slated to move up to the premiere Energy Drinks "A-Team," nee Red Bull next season or risked being lost to rival competitors due to contractual clauses.

Also with tensions riding high at Toro Rosso between Max and Carlos, not to mention within the team, Kvyat's totally unplanned coming together with his good buddy Vettel, when the Russian was attempting to NOT HIT Red Bull team-mate Ricciardo obviously gave Helmet Marco & Company the perfect excuse  to make the switch sooner rather than later, even after Daniil's second career podium at the previous race in China!

Especially since Thy damage would be done after the Russian's Home Grand Prix had concluded...

Although as the Peacock-lite Booth Boyz' said at the end of the Spanish GP, the whole subjects now moot with Max Verstappen's shock maiden Grand Prix victory as the youngest ever driver to win in F1 at the age of 18! As I'm not sure if it's another record or not? But Verstappens win on his Red Bull Racing debut in only his 24th start is simply astounding!

As it'll be interesting to see how the battles settle between the four contracted Red Bull drivers, as Sainz apparently has Kvyat's number from their earlier days? Whilst Ricciardo's got his hands full with Verstappen. Who upon his Top Bull racing team debut won! Which will make life interesting for the Aussie if he gets outscored Points wise two years in-a-row? Especially since Herr Marco likes to keep his bathwater boiling red hot!