Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alexander Rossi: You've just won the Indy 500!

No Fenders Tomaso chats briefly with then Marussia F1 Reserve Driver Alexander Rossi at Will Buxton's Bigtime Bash at Austin during the 2014 USGP weekend. (The Tomaso Collection)
Part of me wishes I'd been videotaped laughing hysterically, Hyena voiced whilst screeching Are You FUCKING Kidding Me! As I swear I saw a white blurb 'O colour momentarily going by our trackside vantage point in the Turn 1-2 Short-chute going exceedingly S-L-O-W! Thinking he'd run outta gas on the race's final lap...

As I find I-T hugely funny how the media's warbled on' N on 'bout how most of America didn't know who the Californian Kid with the foreign sounding name was...

As I've not only surreptitiously followed his dreams of becoming a Formula 1 driver thru stints at two failed F1 teams, nee the various guises 'O Caterham and Marussia, but had the honour of meeting him in Austin, Texas circa 2014 when still a hopeful Marussia F1 test driver - before he finally was given his chance as a fledgling Formula 1 race driver for five races last year, culminating with his career best finish appropriately at the Circuit Of The Americas!

As it was a splendid surprise ending to a most entertaining and overly enjoyable race - as so many things could have gone wrong for Alexander, like stalling the car for starters, not to mention running out of ethanol if his Andretti Autosport team-mates hadn't been willing to tow him around in order to make the necessary mileage!

Which as The Eagles once crooned: "There's a New Kid in Town!" As Alexander Rossi is the first rookie driver to win since 2001...

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