Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aspiring Moto2 rider Dies at Catalunya

Multi-race winning but relatively unknown Spaniard rider perishes whilst chasing his Dream of reaching MotoGP's top category...

Although this is belated news regarding the fallen Spaniard motorcycle rider
Luis Salom, nonetheless it seemed appropriate noting the death of another aspiring Knee-dragger, nee 24yr old Salom, whom unfortunately died after crashing during the FP-2 (Free Practice) session for this year's Catalunyan Grand Prix.

But Luis definitely had talent, being a multi-times winner, whilst having just learned that he scored his maiden Moto3 victory no less than at Indianapolis in 2012 on a last lap pass of two competitors, with one being named Maverick ViƱales!

As Salom would actually lead much of the 2013 Moto3 season points-wise, only to crash out in the final round leaving the door open for eventual champion and fellow countryman Maverick "Top Gun" Vinales to steal the crown at the season finale.

Obviously NO racing fatality is wanted, nor palatable. Yet as Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward scribbled recently, it's most likely this element of risk and ultimate danger that makes racing fans of many of us in our mental psyche.

As we cringe over the death of a worshiped Open Wheel Racing driver - whilst the debate over head protection utilizing Halo and Wind Screen protection continues. Just think of how absolutely exposed motorcycle riders are!

Then factor in how fearless they all must be, especially when regarding that Italian MotoGP Star Andrea Iannone recently hit terminal velocity at Mugello aboard his Ducati with a recorded speed of 220.5mph! While the rest of the field was busily nipping at his heels.

As obviously tragedy can happen at any rate of speed, even at a somewhat "Sedate" pace of the lower rung category Moto2, Moto3 categories...