Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Late to thee Party, IndyCar Boyz' arrive at Circuit de la Sarthe Justin-time'

Due to Mother Nature wreaking Havoc at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) this past weekend, with two straight days of Mega W-E-T stuff! Two-fourths of the current IndyCar drivers brigade saw their intended flight plans go out the window late Saturday night.

As le 'Hamburgular, aka SeaBass, nee Monseir Bourdais of KVSH Racing and multi-times IndyCar champion driving for Thy Cheepster', New Zealand's Scott Dixon both missed their flights out of Dallas, as Bourdais notes  how much of an endurance race it was getting to Le Mans due to the inclement weather which apparently flooded the TMS Tunnel NO less!

Le Mans, France native Sebastain Bourdais will co-drive the No. 68 Ford GT with Scott Dixon as one of the Seester Ganassi Team USA's No. 69 chauffeurs in the LM GTE Pro category.

Mikhail Aleshin, who sounded like he had the most dubious task of not only flying commercial in Coach - but also had to change planes in order to make his way to Circuit de la Sarthe, will co-drive the Russian SPM Racing LMP2 "Junior" Le Mans Prototype #27 BR01-Nissan with past Chip Ganassi IndyCar Pilote Nick Minassian and the totally unknown Italian Maurizio Mediani.

Meanwhile Townsend Bell noted midway thru Sunday's Red-flagged  portion of the delayed IndyCar race that he needed to take off for his flight to Paris, where'd he'd jump aboard a train the remainder of the way before taking part in Scrutineering Day with his #62 Scuderia Corsa LM GTE Amateur Ferrari 458GT Italia co-horts Bill Sweedler and Jeff Seagall. The latter NOT to be Cornfuzed with Thy late Awntie Harriet's Bombastic FATHEAD Steven Seagull; Hya!