Monday, June 13, 2016

Josef Newgardn Thankfully Walks Away while Mother Nature performs Texas Two-step

Funny how we here in the Pacific Northwest lamented how Texas has apparently become the "New Washington" in terms of dumping wet stuff upon motor races routinely the last year...

All I can say is Thank Goodness Josef Newgarden Walked Away from his massively horrendous Shunt Sunday afternoon at Texas Motor Speedway! Where I'm fairly certain it was Townsend Bell telling us he knew from personal experience that in order to punch a hole thru the SAFER Barrier was a 50G H-I-T; SHEISA!

As the Nashvillian who went upside down before spearing the SAFER Barrier sustained relatively minor injuries, albeit suffered a broken shoulder and fractured wrist in the ensuing contact.

As Conor Daly, who was making his debut at Texas Motor Speedway seemed overly critical upon himself for his rookie mistake, after apparently losing the rear of his car upon one of the track's diabolical seams. While certainly the track's overly "Green" nature from two days of inclement weather washing the track clean of all rubber, not to mention the persistence of those dreaded "Weepers" contributed to racing conditions being less than ideal! As fortunately Conor was uninjured in the wreck, except for his pride.

For those of you curious, you can watch the wreck in the following video clip below...