Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shrinking North American Sports Car Terrestrial TV Coverage continues...

What Cable TV channel Fox Sports-2 looks like on Seattle television...
So are Y'all as surprised as I was when learning three weeks out that the Oh, So Silky Smooth, Superlative voice of Bob Varsha wouldn't be calling this year's Rolex 24; CRAP!

Sadly, as noted above, thy legendous' Bob Varsha wasn't at the microphone during this year's minuscule (Fox Sports) FS1 24 hours of Daytona TV coverage, albeit NO idea if he filled in during the (Fox Sports)) FS2 time slots which I, like most of the nation aren't privy too!

As the powers to be at IMSA, and more importantly FOX, which BASTARDIZED their brilliant 'RASSCAR-centric racing channel Speed into a Stick 'N Ball competitor to ESPN; BARF! Have gone on the cheap and watered down their Sports Car coverage significantly!

Reportedly, as of February last year, a whopping 39% of U.S. Households with TV's, a paltry 45-million viewers actually had access to FS2, which still doesn't include Seattle; SHEISA!


As immediately following the miniscule 80min coverage of actual racing upon FS1, before disappearing to FS2, where the Rolex 24's playing second fiddle to the following programming: UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Preview, UFC Fight Nite, College Basketball, Motorcycle Racing, Fox Sports Live and UFC Post-fight - Obviously IMSA was Kick-boxed into Submission!

With the first racing action of the year on FOX having its lead-in shorted ten minutes due to the FREAKIN' College Basketball game double dribbling past its advertised finishing time of 11AM Pacific!

Yet at least it was FAST EDDIE'S', aka Ed Carpenter's Alma Matter Butler playing, albeit his Bulldogs lost to Marquette.

Or perhaps as typical, IMSA wasn't willing to spend the necessary money to ensure proper placement of their product? Or were FOX's prices simply too high? Since this shoddy practice of NOT showing the racing action on an easily accessible Cable TV Channel broadcast AIN'T new, but at the very least, IMSA  should have bucked up 'N paid FOX to at least show the first two hours of actual racing on their B-I-G' KUHOONA FS1.

As I'd given U-P upon Sports Cars television coverage a long time ago, ever since ALMS botched placement of their racing series on the Disney Shopping Network 'Wayback in 2011...

Meanwhile, with NO disrespect to IMSA's new Sports Car Booth Boyz' Greg Kramer and Calvin Fish, when I think of Sports Cars announcers, I fondly reminisce over my favourite trio of Bob Varsha, Dorsey Schroeder and Calvin Fish, along with Hobbo' (David Hobbs) Leigh Diffey and Brian Till doing stellar work during past Rolex 24 race broadcasts.

Yet I've always admired Greg Kramer, as he brings a certain level of knowledge to all of his broadcasts without sounding superior - as I became a 'Mega fan 'O Kramer when recognizing his voice as the lead announcer over Circuit Of The Americas PA system during the past few Formula 1 weekends, whilst Calvin Fish is also a joy to listen to as colour commentator. And I'm glad that Brian Till's voice will be heard? Whilst Justin Bell's always seemed a better Pitlane reporter then Booth voice to Mwah...

As suppose  it's just one more sign of the inevitable, eh? As it's funny how not only IndyCar, but Sports Cars too are being forced to accept the fact that Stick 'N Ball sports are King! And not only do they struggle to escape the shadows of Football in the fall, but also wait for its climax in early February before giving way to 24/7 SCREACHIN' Roundy-round Taxicab action from DayToner, where the Rolex 24 simply serves as the Opening Act for Daytona's Speed Weeks and Thy Daytona 500.

And if Y'all thought FOX's Rolex 24 TV coverage was dismal, then Y'all gots another thingy' coming regarding the Sebring 12hrs race which plays second fiddle to Daytona's 24hr event. As I scribbled 'bout how the most dramatic finish between my Home-team Team Seattle's Alex Job Racing Porsche 911 v both Dodge Vipers knock down, Bar-room brawl for the GTD )Daytona) class victory wasn't even shown on television last year!

And  I DON'T expect any improvement this year either in regards to  watching Thy race on readily available cable TV; Oh Never Mind! As I'll just skip FOX completely and stick with and the wondrous call by John Hindhaugh & Company instead...