Thursday, February 25, 2016

Renault Sport F1 Team revealed, finally...

Hurrah! It's nice to have le Reggie' finally announce its plans for its reconstituted "Works" Formula 1 team after five plus years absence as a fully fledged F1 Constructor! And if le Reggie can take their sweet time announcing this, then so can I...

Have to say that I was hoping when the rumours first began that "MAGS JR," aka Kevin "Bacon" Magnussen would takeover; Uhm, inherit whom I've coined "Sir CrashAlot" and "
"Walldanado/" YOUCH Nee Pastor Maldonado's seat at le Reggie...

Although in fairness to the now jettisoned Venezuelan, surely Maldonado can hustle a Formula 1 car a whole Helluva lot better than I can!

And Pastor actually has something that both current Renault Sport F1 Team drivers don't, a Grand Prix victory, not to mention also being the last driver to win for Team Willy', aka Williams F1 'Wayback in 2012, ironically on the very same weekend as Sir Frank's birthday!

Yet I find the move refreshing, as it gives Renault a clean sheet on its driver's front, which should invigorate the team, since obviously both drivers are extremely hungry to prove themselves!

Plus it gives Renault the solution to getting back into bed with its natural petroleum supplier, nee France's  Total, along with the added bonus of not only having a bonafied reserve driver on hand, but the chance for us fans to see a glimpse of another up 'N comer, nee reigning GP3 champion Esteban Ocon.

While I'll admit that I found the fact that there's a website titled Did Maldonado Crash Today  overly Hillarious! Which I learned from Paul Weaver's entertaining article in The Guardian's Sport's section recently...

And as typical, AC over at Axis of Oversteer not only points out the obvious, but also wryly opines how Formula 1 will be a sadder place without Crashtor!

Now if the media could simply confirm whether or not its Renault Sport Formula 1 or F1 Team? And is the chassis the R16 or RS16? Inquiring Minds wana Know!

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