Friday, February 12, 2016

Racing driver Scott Tucker Arrested

Doing my ritual morning News Crawl, I awoke to the news (yesterday) via Thy NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, to The Guardian's story about racing driver Scott Tucker having been arrested as Ringleader of the deceitful Payday loan company.

As the article notes how Tucker used his Payday loan company, which charged clients up to 700% of their original loan's value to pay it back! Funding a most extravagant  lifestyle - including the usage of a private jet, acquiring multiple Ferrari's and Porsche's along with funding his racing team, having raced in Thy 24 Heurs du Mans NO less!

Yet the story was gnawing at Mwah, knowing I'd scribbled about this subject before, which upon finding Thy No Fenders story about the Level 5 Sports Car team owner's past improprieties 'Wayback in Thy spring of 2012 simply makes me shake my head in disgust!

As my only Questione is how can the Authorities let somebody like these Crooks get away with bilking the public for so long? As this Scam has existed a further four years after first being divulged!