Tuesday, February 23, 2016

F1: What's Next, Turn-signal Blinkers?

Congratulations Uncle Bernaughty, Kristian Horner and 'lil Sid Viddle. You've managed to Wind Up everybody at the start of Formula 1's prestigious Winter Olympics, nee F1 testing; Hmm? May be there should be a new Medallion category created?

And Mission Accomplished! As seriously? Why are we even remotely considering the thought of Reverse Grids? I mean what's next, Sprint Races ergo GP2? And while we're at it how 'bout adding those track sprinkler systems? Kerb Feelers'; Hmm? May be Triple points for Pole, two-points for; Uhm? Don't wanna give the revered StratsDuh-GEE! Group any novel ideas!

Or perhaps just rolling out some Super Soakers on random bits of Ash-fault! And then again how 'bout adding a Joker-lap complete with track cutout lanes?

And lastly, how 'bout just handin' out shiny coloured medals on beautimous ribbons to the top three finishers, i.e.; Blue ribbon, etc. Uhm, I meant medallions like gold, silver and bronze...

Although Nico might use his silver medal to smack Louise over the head on the winner's rostrum, eh?

As Here's your Sign Bernie!

Congratulations, with leaders like you, its NO wonder Formula 1's going down the tubes!