Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grace Autosport aims for 2016 Indy 500

Some nine months ago, Beth Paretta of past Chrysler SRT Viper racing fame announced her intentions to launch the first all female racing team Grace Autosport with plans to contest this year's 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

As the top positions are all held by females with Beth Paretta as team principal, Katherine Crawford as the team's aerodynamicist/race engineer and Jessica Rowe as design engineer.

While the driver's name should be familiar. Commonly referred here at No Fenders as Thy Leggy 'Juan, aka Katherine Legge Who's signed to pilot the team's Dallara DW12 racecar, although haven't heard anything about an engine lease or more pertinent details like sponsors, etc.

As the team hopes to begin with an already established IndyCar team, for which I'd say three team's currently flying somewhat under the radar come to mind. Firstly, it'd be a perfect fit to get Sarah Fisher back in the game, although understandably Wink Hartman's oil profits are down currently.

Secondly, albeit I have NO idea if they're even planning on contesting this year's Indy 500? But a second car at Lazier Partners would be a good marketing move, although think the team's maxed at one car currently?

And then finally, why not have Katherine Legge give her old Chums' Top Jimmy and Smiley Face a call? Since after all she's raced previously for Jimmy Vasser & Kevin Kalkoven back in Thy Champ Car Dazes, and they've apparently got an open seat, albeit Mathew Brabham hopes to fill it, just sayin'

as Y'all can visit the team's official website at: Grace Autosport