Sunday, February 21, 2016

Longtime Stock Car Competitor victim of NASCAR's Franchising...

"Gonna Drive me a Mercury, right Stevie "Guitar" Miller!" - Famed Wood Brothers #21.
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Ah, Don't Y'all just LUV' Duh Smell 'O Sunoco in the Morning...

Whilst everyone's Hootin' & Hollerin' over Duh GURR-REAT! American Race, is I-T over yet?  

In Thy Country where Y'all can live the American Dream... Uhm, what's that? NASCAR's instituted a Franchising system? Which means only the Top-36 Teams with the money to compete full-time are eligible for one of those coveted Charters?

Seriously? One of NASCAR's longest tenured teams isn't worthy 'O Franchise; Uhm, Charter status; WTF!

Whilst I won't go A-L-L Commando style 'bout Thy toxic; Err Fabled 'TG "Ronnie" George infamous 25-8 rule, just sayin'